Radical weight loss reality star dies at age 40 in US


Makeup artist Brandi Mallory was on the fourth season of the show ‘Extreme Weight Loss’

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The news became public after his obituary was linked, which did not mention the cause of death

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The makeup artist Brandi Mallory who starred in the show’s fourth season Extreme Weight Loss (something like extreme weight loss, in free translation) passed away at the age of 40 on November 9th. The news became public after his obituary was linked, which did not mention the cause of death.

The reality show star will be laid to rest on the 19th and has her funeral scheduled for the following day. She passed away in the city of Stone Mountain, in the US state of Georgia.

The makeup artist appeared on the fourth season of the weight-loss reality show, and her journey to being on the show alone has drawn attention. When she found out that a selection for the show was in her city, she ran to apply, but the team at ABC, the broadcaster that produces the show, had already left.

She then ran to the next town the professionals were going to and managed to get noticed. The selection was for the program The Biggest Loser, a kind of weight loss competition, but she ended up being sent to the cast of Extreme Weight Loss. “Every step since then has been from God,” Brandi said in an interview.

Brandi continued her weight loss journey in recent years, teaching dance classes, an activity that helped her go viral on the networks years after her appearance on the TV show.

Kim Williams Maxile, who participated in the following season of the program, created a strong bond of friendship with Brandi and showed her sadness. “Rest in love sister,” she captioned a video of her and Mallory. “To my extreme weight loss colleague @extweightloss, @brandimallory, you will be missed. I’ll never forget that while I was training for Season 5, we watched her season and it inspired us to keep going. You have truly made an impact on this world with your enthusiasm and passion for body positivity. I am blessed to have met you in this world,” she added.

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