Angelina declares herself to Agatha


In “Terra e Paixão”, a soap opera shown by Rede Globo, Agatha (Eliane Giardini) plans to take revenge on Antônio (Tony Ramos).

In the chapter on Wednesday, November 15, the girl is shocked by Angelina’s (Inez Viana) statement and, in order to have her as her ally, promises to stay with her as soon as she recovers her ex-husband’s assets.

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Angelina is afraid of Irene. Anely comments to Lucinda that she suspects that Hélio is Agatha’s son. Agatha asks Hélio to help her recover everything Antônio’s family stole from her family. Irene and Antônio sign the divorce. Agatha is amazed to receive a declaration of love from Angelina and, to ensure that Antônio’s employee is her ally, she pretends that she will stay with her after she recovers Antônio’s assets. Caio promises to help Aline with renovating her house. Lucinda is suspicious of Tadeu. Irene orders a coffin delivered as a gift to Agatha during her rival’s wedding to Antônio.

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Thursday, November 16

Agatha is not shaken by Irene’s gift. Petra scolds Irene. Ramiro tells Antônio that Aline has returned to her land. Hélio says he regrets it and decides to go back to dating Petra. Agatha catches Berenice trying to seduce Antônio, and throws her out of the mansion with threats. Petra gives herself to Hélio. Graça is shocked to see Irene emotional, saying that she loves Danielzinho. Lucinda tells Marino that she suspects that Tadeu is embezzling funds from the cooperative.

Friday, November 17th

The calming tea that Agatha gives to Antônio works. Jussara advises Aline to go back to Caio and tell the boy that she is expecting his child. Gladys proposes to Andrade that the two of them try a relationship together. Agatha offers to help Petra stay with Hélio. Hélio assures Agatha that he is not his accomplice. Agatha agrees with Antônio to prepare a trap for Aline. Anely and Luigi look for Marino and warn him that he needs to investigate Agatha. Aline faces Antônio and his henchmen, after being threatened by the producer.

Saturday, November 18

Marino tells Antônio that the producer will be held responsible for anything that happens to Aline or anyone in her family. Ramiro forcibly takes Aline to a deserted place, where Antônio frightens the teacher with threats. Ramiro shows concern for Aline, after leaving her alone on the road at the behest of his boss. Caio threatens Antônio. Aline cries when she gets home. Agatha defends Antônio from Jonatas’ accusations. Agatha catches Aline keeping a gun, which was given by Gentil to defend the teacher and her family.

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