After confusion, Charlie Sheen meets with the creator of ‘Two and a Half Men’

After confusion, Charlie Sheen meets with the creator of ‘Two and a Half Men’
After confusion, Charlie Sheen meets with the creator of ‘Two and a Half Men’

The actor is reuniting with his creator again, 12 years after being fired.

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12 years after his dismissal from ‘Two and a Half Men’, Charlie Sheen is reuniting with Chuck Lorre for the comedy series ‘Bookie’ (‘How to be a Bookie’).

In the HBO Max production, betting veteran Danny (Sebastian Maniscalco) needs to adapt his lifestyle and retain his customers in Los Angeles in the face of the new rules and supervision of gambling and sports betting in the state of California.

In the trailer for ‘Bookie’, we discover that Charlie Sheen will play one of Danny’s clients, who shows up to collect his debts. As he is short on money, he offers the protagonist a somewhat peculiar compensation; in this specific case, some baseball memorabilia. The actor will appear in two episodes of the series.

Charlie Sheen was fired from ‘Two and a Half Men’ in 2011 for criticizing the production and disagreements with creator Chuck Lorre, as well as personal issues involving alcohol and drugs. Ashton Kutcher replaced the actor for the next four seasons.

In an interview with TVLine, Chuck Lorre commented on his reunion with Charlie Sheen many years after ‘Two and a Half Men’. “It was really healing. It was really good. It felt like we were closing the book on horrible moments and we had fun.”

“It was a painful few years,” Lorre said of the falling out. “We were making a TV show, hoping to make people laugh, and we did that for eight and a half years, 170 episodes of [de ‘Two and a Half Men’]It is…

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