After forgiving betrayal, character loses virginity


The soap opera Women in Love, currently being rerun on TV Globo, is approaching its final stretch and, in this way, is already beginning to give indications of the possible outcomes of the characters in the story. This is the case, for example, of Hedwig (Carolina Dieckmann) It is Claudio (Erik Marmo).

In the plot of Manuel Carlos, the couple goes through ups and downs, but will have a happy ending. For this to happen, however, Hedwig will need to forgive the boy’s betrayal. This is because, throughout the plot, Cláudio ended up having an affair with Gracinha (Carol Castro).


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After forgiving her boyfriend’s betrayal, Edwiges and Cláudio will finally have a happy ending. NIn the last chapter of Mulheres Apaixonadas, the couple will get married.

The scene will show Argemiro (Umberto Magnani) leading Edwiges to Cláudio at the altar. “I give you my life, boy.”the veteran will say. “Now it’s my life too”the groom will respond.

The ceremony will take place without any unexpected events, but the look of disapproval from Marta (Marly Bueno). Even Gracinha, who did everything to separate the couple and, at this point, is expecting Cláudio’s child, goes to church.

Edwiges and Cláudio have sex for the first time

After the wedding, Edwiges and Cláudio appear on their honeymoon in New York. Finally married, the young woman loses her virginity and has sex for the first time with her husband, the way she always dreamed of. The sex is rocked by the sound of Old childhoodfrom the group Tribalists. This will be the couple’s last scene.

Check out the final scene of Edwiges and Cláudio in Mulheres Apaixonadas:

Edwiges (Carolina Dieckmann) and Cláudio (Erik Marmo) (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

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