Jenny says that Henrique is a plant and can be eliminated


Jenny Miranda is participating in Hoje em Dia after being eliminated from A Fazenda 2023 (Record). See what the former worker said about the formation of the farm and the criticisms she made to the participants below.

Truth about La Mafia group: “It was always a game, to hide sweets, we took this game, whoever wants to come in, just come in. Nadja, we tried not to leave her as an outsider.”

Nadja Reviews: “She’s very selfish. She doesn’t want to fit in, that’s her game, to victimize herself.”

Reason for Lucas being targeted by the house: “I believe he is very strong in there, he and Jaque became one, they formed a group of them. Every time you are strong in there, you become a target. You are being tested, if you come back, you will come back even stronger.”

Fans for the Farmer’s Test: “I would like Jaque to come back with the hat. I can’t be a hypocrite in saying that she is a weak opponent. Yuri, I like him. Henrique is a plant, just nothing. I think Henrique is a weak opponent. If he hits the field, he leaves. Him or Yuri.”

The former worker also said that she saw Radamés as the most truthful and Simioni as her biggest disappointment.


Participating in the “who was more” dynamic, Simioni compared himself with other pedestrians and responded:

Influenceable: Cariúcha

VTzeira: Kally Fonseca

Tender: WL Guimarães

Strategist: Kamila Simioni

Arrogant: Rachel Sheherazade

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