Who is the man who abused Petra?


The identity of the man who abused Petra (Debora Ozório) in Earth and Passion still remains one of the greatest mysteries of the soap opera Walcyr Carrasco. The revelation, however, should only happen in the final stretch of the plot.

It is worth mentioning that, in recent chapters of Terra e Paixão, Petra recalled during a therapy session the face of the man who abused her as a child. In the scene in question, the daughter of Irene (Glória Pires)had a memory of when she was raped and talked about the episode with her therapist.


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“It was the first time I could remember the face of the man who abused me. But what if it’s not true? How do I know if it’s a memory or just a fantasy?” she questioned.

Mysteries of Earth and Passion (Reproduction/TV Globo)

Main suspects

Although it has not yet been revealed who the man who abused Petra in Land and Paixão is, there is a list of characters suspected of the crime. Between them, Andrade (Ângelo Antônio), Tadeu (Claudio Gabriel) It is Silvério (Samir Murad).

It is also likely that some new character is inserted into the story, being considered Petra’s abuser. It is also worth remembering that soon, Lima Duarte will enter the soap opera playing the father of Antonio La Selva (Tony Ramos). Not many details are yet known about the character’s nature, however, there is also the possibility of him joining the list of suspects.

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