A Fazenda 15: Lily causes third serious punishment in two days


And you thought that the people of “The Farm 15”, from Record TV, had little punishment, he was wrong, as they are accumulating a series of punishments over the weekend, and apparently, there is no expectation that it will end anytime soon.

This Sunday, November 5th, which is the third punishment in two days, was generated by Lily Noblewho decided to enter the pool with WL Guimarães It is Henriquebut forgot that he still had a microphone and went into the water, which is against the rules of the program.

The punishment in this case was to be left without hot water for 48 hours, which would make it difficult for pedestrians to bathe, for example. But this time, participants celebrated more than regretted, as they feared they had received something more serious, like being left without coffee or running water.

Remember the other punishments

Early on the morning of Saturday, November 4th, when dealing with animals, the first punishment took place and brought terror to those who need protein, especially that found in eggs.

All because WL ended up committing an infraction by taking water from the thirst to Lily, who was taking care of the animal assigned by farmer Shayan. As a result, they will be eggless until the next replacement in about a week.

Too little punishment is silly, so Kally ended up entering the pool with her microphone and damaging the production object. As a result of this, everyone will be without gas for 48 hours, with only the wood stove available for use.

Kally talks about secrets and shows affection

This secret has been going around and around and soon no one will know what it is! After Kally Fonseca said that she knew about Lucas Souza’s secret, the headquarters became curious. Apparently, she revealed what it was about, but only to Cezar Black, her crush. However, it is supposedly something so serious and involves Jojo Todynho, the military man’s ex-wife. What is it?

Still, after a tense week, Kally decides to drown her sorrows in drink. The person became closer to Yuri Meirelles. During yesterday morning, he said she was grooming him and trying to stay with him at all costs. The scene was shown in full during editing and you can see and draw conclusions below!

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