Attack on Titan: understand everything about the final episode of the anime


After much waiting, the final episode of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin, in the original) was shown on Japanese television. In Brazil, the production is available on Crunchyroll streaming, which also broadcast the final moments of the anime with subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese — the dubbed version will arrive in the future.

Lasting almost 90 minutes, the outcome presented viewers with major twists and turns, including a warm farewell to the central characters. Do you want to know everything about these more than exciting moments? Check out all the details below. Beware of spoilers and enjoy!

Final episode of Attack on Titan can be watched on Crunchyroll. (NHK General TV/Reproduction)Source: NHK General TV

Attack on Titan: what happens at the end of the anime?

Before delving into the final episode, it must be said that the ending of Attack on Titan was divided into two parts. The first special had been broadcast in early September, leaving an interesting cliffhanger to be developed in the second and final part.

To recap, the plot of season 4 addresses the saga of Eren Yeager, who wants to find some way to end all wars because he has seen the direction of humanity. To do this, the character devises a plan in an attempt to face all the evil that was outside Paradis Island to finally find peace.

In this outcome, however, it became more evident what the protagonist’s motivations were and what he wanted to do after that mass genocide. Thus, the second part of the finale begins with a fight between the remnants of humanity and Eren. There is a lot of action at this point in the narrative.

However, time passes and some revelations are made. The first of them shows that Eren saw a dark future and that’s why he was committed to accomplishing all those things on Paradis Island.. It turns out that Eren was trapped in an infinite loop, in which he provoked new wars to end existing wars, creating a vicious cycle.

In parallel, Mikasa and the others were facing Eren, in the body of a giant, in an attempt to take Ymir out of his control. Convinced to switch sides by Armin, Zeke helps the group before being killed by Levi. Then, the team finally manages to get Armin to transform, triggering a giant explosion, and Mikasa manages to cut the link that united Eren and the Founding Titan.

The protagonist’s journey ends after his friend cuts off his head and keeps his skull in her hands. The controversial scene of Mikasa’s kiss with Eren’s dead head, which happened in the manga, also returns in the anime.

This question causes other revelations to happen, making Eren’s intentions more evident. In the background, Eren tried to warn his friends before the fight came to an end about the destruction of humanity. Deep down, the character wanted everyone to be considered martyrs and heroes.

Therefore, Mikasa is shocked to realize that, deep down, Eren was afraid of the outside world because of all the possibilities of retaliation. He wanted to make sure he and his friends died with their vision understood.

The search for peace continues

After this intense battle, three years pass after the Roar of the Earth, which left only 20% of humanity alive. Armin and the others return to Eldia to join other peace groups from the allied nations, aiming to find ways to end the remaining wars in the world: even with all the destruction, there are still conflicts ravaging the globe.

The information comes through History, which gives details about the intentions of the group of Yeagerists in Eldia. According to her, everyone is waiting for a new attack on the nation from the outside world. With Eren truly becoming a martyr, society advances in the same way, participating in more wars, genocides and exterminations.

Despite this, some characters have their happy outcomes revealed, including Mikasa and the other allies, such as Levi and Armin, who remain alive. It’s a bittersweet ending for those who were rooting, in some way, for the protagonist’s optimistic, but crooked, vision to come true.

Attack on Titan’s post-credits scene

It is also worth mentioning that the anime also has a post-credits scene, which shows Mikasa and Eren’s connection after all the conflicts. Shortly after the end of the great battle, Mikasa takes what’s left of Eren’s body to be buried under the tree he liked to hang under as a child.

As the credits roll, we see that Eren’s crooked wish came true: Mikasa doesn’t forget the character and continues to visit his grave over the years. The images suggest that the character started a family, but she continued to visit the grave of her friend (and clearly the great love of her life).


A time jump also shows that more conflicts have ravaged the region. The place is populated with large buildings and cutting-edge technology, but everything around the tree turns into ruins due to human conflicts.

At the end, we see a boy and his dog walking through the devastated region filled with vegetation. The tree in which Eren was buried remains there, giant and majestic, like a titan. While the final scene serves as a beautiful ending to the controversial final chapter of the work, we also have space to think about the future: after all, with so many conflicts in the region, will Attack on Titan get a sequel or derivative productions? Now we just have to wait for the future.

All seasons of Attack On Titan are available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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