The 10 most watched series of the week (05/11/2023)

The 10 most watched series of the week (05/11/2023)
The 10 most watched series of the week (05/11/2023)

November started without any major news on the list of most watched series of the week. With a very strong October, it was natural that the series that won over the public last month would continue to be on the rise here — and that’s exactly what we saw in a shorter week due to the holiday. Still, there is room for some new features to win over marathon fanatics.

The highlight here is the arrival of the second season of 30 Coins, a horror series from HBO Max whose new episodes arrived just in time for Halloween and helped place the Spanish title among the most watched on streaming. And all of this is supported by horrors that always work very well, such as the figure of an exorcist priest, religious mysteries and a great and terrible conspiracy involving the Church. Not to mention monsters and terrifying things, of course.

Another novelty that arrived with a bang was the third season of Upload, a Prime Video comedy that questions the afterlife and our relationship with technology. After all, what if Paradise was just a little corner in the metaverse that only a richer portion of the population had access to? This is the type of madness that the series presents, bringing very interesting reflections between one laugh and another — showing that it is still possible to create humor in an intelligent way.

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Of course, these are just some of the highlights among the most watched series of the week. Therefore, check out which series did not leave the streaming users’ marathon, according to search data on the JustWatch website.

10. Upload

Created by Greg Daniels, producer of series such as The Office It is Parks & Recreation, Upload is a very interesting comedy that mixes metaphysical discussions with our relationship with technology and capitalism itself. After all, what if the Paradise that awaits us after death were not this transcendental experience, but a virtual environment where our consciousness is sent after we die — a price, of course?

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It is from this very interesting premise that the series presents situations that are, at the same time, fun and very reflective. All this from the figure of Nathan (Robbie Amell), who went from that to the best and now finds himself facing these questions of the modern afterlife.

With very intelligent jokes and raising questions relevant to the current moment, the series debuted its third season showing why it is one of the most sagacious productions of the moment.

Upload is available on Prime Video.

9. The Continental: From the World of John Wick

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The Continental is the first production derived from John Wickworld expansion that takes place around the figure of the Hotel Continental, an iconic location within the saga and the international organization of assassins.

To do this, we go back in time a little and meet a much younger Winston before he became the institution’s manager. in fact, he is someone who was already outside the organization, but who finds himself pulled into this world of deaths and murders when his brother steals something from the hotel’s current manager — who is none other than Mel Gibson.

The Continental: From the World of John Wick is available on Prime Video.

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8. Pluto

Everyone knows the classic Astro Boy, Osamu Tezuka’s iconic anime about a robot boy. Which is Pluto What it does is bring a new, much more serious and even cynical look to this story, adding a suspenseful plot involving murders of humans and robots amid growing tensions between these two “species”.

Based on the manga by Naoki Urasawa (Monster), the anime is a more mature retelling of Astro Boy, but which still respects many of the elements that make Tezuka’s work a landmark in Japanese animation. Like this, Pluto brings a different look to themes that were already present in the original plot, such as its anti-war message, focusing more heavily on the atmosphere of mystery and the different shades of personality of its protagonists and villains.

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Pluto is available on Netflix.

7. Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal is one of those video game adaptations that everyone thought would go wrong, but the series’ debut was enough to prove that the pessimistic predictions couldn’t be more wrong. Based on a game from the first PlayStation whose story was not its strong point, the series presents a post-apocalyptic world in which cities have become large walled fortresses and the world outside these protections is a truly lawless land.

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It is in the midst of this chaos that we meet a driver crazy enough to take risks on the roads to make a delivery. Starring Anthony Mackie (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), the series features iconic drivers from the games, including the bizarre ice cream-driving and maniacal clown that is a symbol of the franchise.

Twisted Metal is available on HBO Max.

6. 30 Coins

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The Spanish thriller 30 Coins is an excellent example of a series that knows how to explore horror within religious themes without falling into some of the clichés typical of this subgenre. An exorcist priest with a very questionable past witnesses paranormal events in a small town in the interior of Spain — and all of this is related to what could be one of the coins that Judas received for betraying Jesus.

But these strange events are just the beginning of an even greater horror, as the priest and his allies will find themselves in the middle of an even greater conspiracy involving the Church itself and which could shake humanity as we know it. In the midst of all this, many monsters, bizarre creatures and terror like we haven’t seen in series like this for a long time.

30 Coins is available on HBO Max.

5. Rick and Morty

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One of the most popular adult animations of recent times, Rick and Morty returns in its seventh season to put the protagonist duo on more adventures through dimensions and reality in increasingly insane and highly incorrect ways.

The premise of the cartoon is satirical in its essence. Subverting the classic image of Back to the future, we have an old scientist who uses a young boy as a guinea pig in his experiments. The difference is that, instead of traveling through time, they spread chaos throughout the multiverse.

Rick and Morty is available on HBO Max and Prime Video.

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4. The Fall of the House of Usher

Based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, The Fall of the House of Usher modernizes the classic setting created by the master of horror and suspense literature, bringing its dark plot to the present. Produced by Mike Flanagan, we see the family of a billionaire businessman begin to die one by one in a very suspicious and mysterious way.

All this because the deaths seem to be related to the emergence of an enigmatic woman who has some kind of relationship with the family patriarch’s past and success — and unraveling the truth behind this could have gigantic consequences for this powerful clan.

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The Fall of the House of Usher is available on Netflix.

3. Loki

One of Marvel’s most beloved series is also the first to have a second season. After introducing the concept of multiverse and timelines to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Loki returns to deal with the consequences of his actions after killing He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), opening the doors to this chaos in multiple realities.

Starring Tom Hiddleston, the MCU’s most beloved villain continues to jump from dimension to dimension to try to prevent Kang’s arrival while also seeking answers to the strange world he has found himself in.

Loki is exclusive to Disney+.

2. Bodies

Netflix’s new investigative thriller, Bodies places four investigators at different times trying to solve the same crime: discovering the mystery surrounding the appearance of an enigmatic body. Thus, detectives from different eras must race against time to understand what happened and uncover what is hidden behind this murder that crosses generations.

Bodies is available on Netflix.

1. Gen V

The new spin-off of The Boys — and the first in live-action — expands the world of politically incorrect superheroes a little further and shows how it is possible to tell different stories within this universe. This time, we follow a group of students from Godolkin University, an institution belonging to Vought International, the company responsible for giving powers to the “heroes” of the saga.

The detail is that the university serves precisely to shape future heroes, making them think and act in the way that the company expects and desires. The problem is that we’re talking about teenagers with lots of power and no responsibilities — which means things are going to escalate very quickly to violence and sex.

Gen V is available on Prime Video.

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