Famous presenter has a heart attack, dies live and Globo goes off the air

Did you know that a famous Globo presenter died on air, live, while the public was watching the program?

The Night Show premiered on the same day the network went on the air: April 26, 1965. Aired at 10:30 pm, it was presented live and lasted about two hours.


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Hosted by Gláucio Gil (pictured above, interviewing Agildo Ribeiro), the program quickly achieved great popularity in Rio de Janeiro, until a tragic event struck. On August 13 of that year, Gláucio Gil, then 33 years old, felt bad during the presentation, lay down on the couch in the studio and died.

According to the report by Domingos de Oliveira, who was the producer of the attraction, the station immediately went off the air. Then, a crowd appeared at the door of TV Globo to find out what had happened.

Victim of a sudden heart attack, Gláucio Gil started that edition of the program precisely by saying:

“Today is Friday, August 13th, but so far everything is going well, luckily”.



The death of Gláucio Gil caused commotion in Rio de Janeiro. Dona Carmem, his mother, did not accompany the burial and asked the photographers not to take “the sad farewell photo”.

In an article in Jornal do Brasil on August 17, 1965, Yan Michalski reported:

“The fateful Friday, the 13th, provided us with an experience that will leave a bitter taste in our mouths for a long time. We were, around 11 pm, watching the Show of the Night, with Gláucio Gil interviewing his guests, as he does every night, radiating his very personal sympathy, his inimitable style, and his enormous vitality, which impressed so much.

In the middle of the program, we decided to change the channel to watch a news program. A few minutes later, still on the news, we learned that, by turning the knob on our receiver, we had said goodbye to Gláucio Gil forever”.



The presenter and playwright was buried on August 15, 1965, at Cemitério São João Batista, with the presence of hundreds of artists and fans. The coffin held more than 100 cars and, at the time of burial, hundreds of roses were thrown into her grave.

Show da Noite, without the same breath, continued on the air for a few more months, until December 30, 1965, presented by Paulo Roberto.

Gláucio Gil now names a theater on Rua Barata Ribeiro, in Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), as well as an avenue in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, also in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

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