Fazenda 14 has the second worst audience average in history

Fazenda 14 has the second worst audience average in history
Fazenda 14 has the second worst audience average in history

The daily shacks at A Fazenda 14 do not seem to be enough to maintain the audience of Record’s reality show. So far, the program’s heaviest season has an average of 7.1 points in Greater São Paulo, according to data from Kantar Ibope. It is the second lowest number among all editions of the attraction, on the air since 2009.

So far, the 14th season has only won a “special” edition of the reality show: Fazenda de Verão, which aired between October 2012 and January 2013. The idea was to bring together anonymous people, as traditionally happens at the BBB, and not famous. With an average of only 6.7 points, the project was restricted to that year.

The last two editions of the program, numbers 12 and 13, registered, respectively, averages of 13.0 and 9.2 points. This means that rural reality has lost 46% of its audience in these two years. The season won by Jojo Todynho, shown in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, raised the attraction’s numbers, below 10 points in previous years.

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With the exception of Fazenda de Verão, season 8, which had Douglas Sampaio as the winner, had the worst average: 8.2. The current one, heavily anchored in the name of Deolane Bezerra since its debut, has already started badly, in September: the debut gave only 9 points, less than the 12 achieved in the first program last year. In 2020, the reality premiere was 14 points.

Check below the ranking with the average audience of all seasons of A Fazenda:

The Farm 1 – 14.3
The Farm 2 – 9.3
The Farm 3 – 14.3
The Farm 4 – 11.4
The Farm 5 – 10.7
Summer Farm – 6.7
The Farm 6 – 8.9
The Farm 7 – 8.8
The Farm 8 – 9.4
The Farm 9 – 8.6
The Farm 10 – 9.8
The Farm 11 – 8.2
The Farm 12 – 13.0
The Farm 13 – 9.2
The Farm 14 – 7.1

Despite historical failure, A Fazenda 14 still manages to outperform Globo

Even registering a historical failure for Record’s reality show, A Fazenda 14 has repeated a feat of the program in recent years: defeating Globo late at night. At the beginning of the month, with the double elimination of Alex Gallete and Deborah Albuquerque, the program was 26 minutes in the lead, beating the soap opera Verdades Secretas 2.

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On Tuesday (22), the attraction commanded by Adriane Galisteu scored 9.3 points, its best mark so far. In absolute numbers, it gave more than the Cup Central, also shown around 23:00, which recorded 8.3. In the dispute, Record’s program has an advantage: it starts airing earlier, when there are more televisions on.

The game can gain more public now that it will reach the final stretch. This Thursday (24), the elimination of the farm between Bárbara Borges, Kerline Cardoso and Mulher Moranguinho will be shown. The next hot spot, next week, will be fake: a pawn leaves the game for a few moments and then returns, to the surprise of the opponents.

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