Carolina Ferraz delivers what she heard before Globo’s dismissal

Carolina Ferraz, in court against Globo, tells what she heard before the broadcaster’s dismissal

The actress Carolina Ferrazcurrently presenter of Record TV on ‘Domingo Espetacular’, was fired from Globe in 2017 and revealed in detail what he heard on the station before being put on the street.

This past Wednesday, November 23, in an interview with the podcast ‘Mais que 8 Minutos’, led by Rafinha Bastos, the former actress of Globe explained to the presenter how his dismissal took place.

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“It was the contract that ended and was not renewed.”, he explained. Carolina Ferraz about his real departure from Globo. “They warned me, unlike other colleagues […] they warned me a year before.”, revealed the current Record TV contractor.

The current star of Record TV was invited on a podcast with Rafinha Bastos (Playback/ YouTube)

Carolina Ferraz said what he heard from the broadcaster at this time: “It is likely that we will not renew [do contrato] because we are not renewing with anyone.”, recalled the former Globo actress.

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Carolina Ferraz (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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Carolina Ferraz

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And he confessed how he felt when he learned that his fixed contract would not be renewed with the Rio de Janeiro broadcaster. “I talked: ‘What I’ll do? Why am I sitting here waiting? Am I going to do something else?’ Maybe I could still be there, I could be doing one thing or another, but you don’t know. ”, Explained the famous about what she thought.

Carolina Ferraz told Rafinha Bastos that the resignation, or rather, the non-renewal of her contract with Globo, was a big surprise for her, since she was an exclusive actress on the channel for 27 years. “People [antigamente] they entered Globo and stayed at Globo.”, recalled the presenter.

Carolina Ferraz told how she was surprised and floored when she learned that she would be fired from Globo
Carolina Ferraz told how she was surprised and floored when she learned that she would be fired from Globo (Reproduction/ YouTube)


please note that Carolina Ferraz, as soon as she was disconnected from the station, she was convinced by her professional colleague, the actress Maitê Proençawhich already had a lawsuit against Globo opened in 2018, to also fight for their labor rights and prove their employment relationship in the courts.

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At first, Carolina was a witness in the Maitê Proençawhich demanded compensation of BRL 500,000 from Globo, according to the TV News portal

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