Cristina Ferreira and Bernardo Sousa’s friendship is ‘shaky’?

Press raises rumors that the friendship of Cristina Ferreira and Bernardo Sousa may be shaky. The presenter and Bernardo stopped appearing together, which raises rumors that the relationship between the two has had better days.

Bernardo Sousa was the big winner of Big Brother Famous IIafter leaving the most guarded house in the country, he became very close to Cristina Ferreira and the projects at TVI didn’t stop.

Rumors even surfaced that the friendship of Cristina Ferreira with Bernardo Sousa it could be something else, but the pilot and the presenter ignored the rumors.

The Flash interrogates what happened between Cristina Ferreira and Bernardo Sousa who are no longer seen together. Bernardo Sousa missed the birthday of Cristina Ferreirawhich raised suspicions that the friendship relationship between the two has had better days: “On Cristina’s birthday, when those closest to her made a point of being present. Almost everyone… Not Bernardo, who ran away that same night to Bruna’s arms, in Rio de Janeiro.

However, the pilot has made appearances on TVI and in his last appearance, he confessed to being quite tired. Between the Madeira-Lisbon-Brazil trips, the rallies and all the professional commitments, Bernardo doesn’t have much time.

Cristina Ferreira never hid the friendship she felt for Bernardo, she even wrote on social media: “I gained a friend. God insists on giving me good people. Without waiting. He will always have his hands and heart in me. Nothing will make me happier than seeing you shine. I will always be on target to toast. Life. Who knows what he’s doing” and considered herself the ‘godmother’ of Bruno and Bernard.

Despite the rumors raised by the magazine that the friendship may be shaky, Cristina Ferreira continues to comment and congratulate the achievements of the Madeiran driver, as was the case last Sunday, when he won the Rally Vouzela and Viseu. “Congratulations. Pride.

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