Fefito gets angry, tells Nelson Rubens to stop talking and creates a climate on TV Fama

Fefito created a mood this Wednesday night (21) on TV Fama, from RedeTV!. The presenter was interrupted by Nelson Rubens while trying to give information. “Although a lot of people have published this…”, he would say. “But Neymar…”, interrupted the veteran.

“Nelson Rubens, I’m talking! Hold on, Nelson Rubens! Hey Nelson Rubens, you don’t even remember what Neymar said and you’re interrupting me? So come on! “, fired Fefito.

At another point, he pinned: “Before Nelson Rubens interrupts me again, that the program is on fire…”. Later, Fefito talked about the end of the first season of Pipoca da Ivete, when it was interrupted again, generating revolt.

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“But if it pumped with a large audience…”, Nelson Rubens cut again. Soon after, TV Fama was shut down. The following day, Fefito spoke about what had happened and regretted it.

“I wanted to propose reflection”, said Fefito

Through Twitter,

and asked not to be interrupted “several times”. “I asked not to be interrupted because this happened since the opening, from my ‘hi'”, he complained, who saw the act turn into headlines that did not correspond to reality.

“And it’s not today that I notice some ‘colleagues’ by profession attacking me for free when I literally don’t give a shit about them. I wish them to have a lot of work and get where they want. We know who to trust. and far away. And the end!”.

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Check out in full what Fefito wrote and the video of how it all happened:

The article is in Portuguese

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