Find out why Paulo Guedes got angry on RedeTV

Find out why Paulo Guedes got angry on RedeTV
Find out why Paulo Guedes got angry on RedeTV

As this column published, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, experienced moments of tension during an interview he gave yesterday to Luís Ernesto Lacombe, from RedeTV!

The interview would air this morning, but the broadcaster canceled the airing. Only one excerpt was aired on “Dynamic Reading”.

According to this column, it was not just Bolsonaro’s minister who was angry. Lacombe was too, and from the start.

The reason was that the director of journalism at RedeTV, Franz Vacek, ordered him to use an electronic point, something unprecedented for the journalist.

Lacombe has never used this equipment, which allows someone to talk to him while he is recording or doing a live show. Vacek not only had the point used, but he himself stayed on the editing room as a “guide” on the point.


According to sources heard by the column, the director’s demand has already caused the journalist annoyance, but he accepted the order and continued with the interview.

When he heard, at the point, Vacek telling him to ask Guedes if he was against or in favor of the nursing floor, Lacombe shook his head, visibly annoyed, says a witness.

The truth is that, as a good government official, he didn’t want to ask that question, already anticipating that it would irritate the visitor. Vacek insisted and Lacombe asked.

Guedes then replied that he was against the nursing floor “as a technician” and “as a minister”.

He barely answered and already regretted it. So he asked for the answer to be erased from the recording (which was promptly granted).

Soon after, Bolsonaro’s minister would be even more irritated to learn that, before him, Ciro Nogueira (PP), the Civil House Minister, had also been interviewed on the program a week earlier (Friday, the 16th).

“This guy does not support Bolsonaro. You are being very biased,” said Guedes, annoyed, and already leaving the interview. The minister even sentenced before leaving the studio:

“If this interview goes on the air, Lula is elected the next day.”

Other side

The press office of the Ministry of Economy denies that Guedes got angry yesterday, in Osasco (Grande SP).

“Paulo Guedes paid an institutional visit to the station”, says the press office, “and was received by its president, Amílcare Dallevo, and the director of Journalism, Franz Vacek”.

According to the press office, both asked Guedes to participate in the recording of “Agora é com Lacombe”.

“Economic policy (would be) the topic of the interview. Other matters were considered, by mutual agreement, off the agenda.”

He also said that, after the recording, the minister spoke with employees of RedeTV and was taken to the car by Vacek. The advisory denies that Guedes criticized Ciro Nogueira (PP).

When contacted, RedeTV did not comment on the matter until the publication of this text.

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