Paulo Guedes makes serious accusation against Bolsonaro’s “ally”, attacks Bolsonaro channel and wide interview in the middle

Paulo Guedes surprises in an interview on RedeTV!; channel decides not to air the meeting (Image: Reproduction / GloboNews)

Economy minister, Paulo Guedes left in the middle of an interview led by Luis Lacombe at the headquarters of TV network! in the afternoon of Wednesday (21). President Jair Bolsonaro’s assistant (PL) took the microphone from his lapel and left the studio out of the blue.

The unfriendly decision by Paulo Guedes was taken after a question about the nursing salary floor, in a question that the presenter himself did not want to ask. RedeTV! pressed for the inquiry to be made.

“Do you want an answer as a coach or a minister?”asked the economist. “Both”replied Lacombe, according to journalist Ricardo Feltrin, from UOL. “As a technician, the hospital breaks down. You won’t have the money to pay. And, as a minister, I am against it.”admitted the minister.

Soon after the answer, Paulo Guedes asked that the answer be removed from the recording. He said that, if the statement was made on Globo, he was “f*cked up”. Off the air, Guedes questioned who else was interviewed by the program.

In the can, the contractor of RedeTV! explained that the last interviewee linked to the government was Ciro Nogueira and, to the surprise of the journalist and the team, Guedes detonated: “This guy does not support Bolsonaro, you are being very biased”.

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After attacking Ciro Nogueira and poking at Lacombe, Paulo Guedes leaves an interview

After the sincere act, the minister left the interview ahead of schedule. The recording was taken to the channel’s head of journalism. RedeTV! did not reveal whether the meeting with the economist will be aired within the Agora with Lacombe.

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