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Chicago Med

The following text contains SPOILERS for Season 8 of Chicago Med.

Another doctor is doing Check-out in Chicago Med: Guy Lockard, who plays pediatrician Dylan Scott. The character left the NBC drama in the season 8 premiere, which aired last Wednesday in the United States.

The actor joined the series at the start of last season, helping to fill the void left by the departures of longtime cast members Torrey Devitto and Yaya Dacosta.

Dylan decided to leave the hospital after Milena died and he realized he could never really escape his police past if he stayed in the Windy City. “He was an ex-cop and that dynamic of being caught between those two worlds is what was so interesting about his character.“, executive producer Andrew Schneider told TVLine. “But with the death of the woman he loved, we felt it would be a good time for him to move on.

Exit may not be final

Schneider says the writers wanted “really make your output meaningful. He didn’t disappear, and it was all grounded in the story of the first episode.“, shares the EP.

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And, as is often the case with farewells to Chicago MedDylan is “moving on, but it won’t necessarily go away“, notes producer Diane Frolov. Therefore, consider the door open for a return in the future. “He’s a wonderful actor. It’s great to work with, and we’ll welcome you back in the future.,” adds Schneider.

Lockard is the second of the new series regulars to leave the show. Kristen Hager, who played Dr. Stevie Hammer, left the drama midway through season 7.

Chicago Med seeks constant change

Talking about what lessons they took from these characters’ arcs and what works for the series and what doesn’t, Frolov says: “The program always needs to replenish itself, and it has to be new.”

Going into Season 8, we’re always looking for a new dynamic between the characters.“, elaborates Schneider. “It’s actually very helpful to bring in new people with a different story, different emotional issues. It gives more space to play, for new ideas.

Remarkable return promises new emotions in the season

the fans of Chicago Med were surprised by the return of a familiar face during the season 8 premiere. That’s because Ethan found April paying her respects to her late father at his burial site. After overcoming their mutual surprise, the two began to understand each other. She is now a nurse in Chicago, and neither of them has been married since they last saw each other.

Series bosses Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider talk about bringing back Yaya Dacosta, who left the series at the end of Season 6. They reveal that we haven’t seen his last character appearance. The producers are still hinting at whether Ethan and April will get back together or finally end their abruptly cut romance.

Relationships must be complicated but enriching

Asked how April’s return came about, the producers said: “It was an idea we had last season. […] The moment ended up working for us.” Frolov adds: “She will be back in a few more episodes. She will have a great story.”

Frolov still guarantees: “They love each other. Let’s just say it. It’s been a long journey for these characters. They’ve been through a lot and weren’t sure the last time we saw them from where they were with each other.”

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The duo’s relationship, however, will not be easy. It is not enough to simply go back or solve things simply. “It’s complicated, but we will certainly have that question answered,” Frolov pointed out.

The producer even reveals how April is: “She’s a nurse now, so she has a new set of skills. She is really different. She has grown up, professionally and emotionally, and that really complements the changes that have taken place in Ethan’s emotional life.”

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