“Entered because mom bought it”

“Entered because mom bought it”
“Entered because mom bought it”

Ex-Ronaldinha exposes the influencer Deborah Albuquerque and tells about the pawn’s past; check out!

The ex-Ronaldinha Vivi Brunieriwho lives in Japan, gave details about the time he lived with Deborah Albuquerquein addition to remembering how the redhead joined the axé duo The Ronaldinhas. Previously, lived had already used social networks to criticize the pawn who is in A farm 14, and promised bombastic revelations.

Many don’t know, but the ex-Power Couple was Ronaldinha when she was younger. The title was given to the ace’s ex-girlfriends, but the influencer escaped the rule and joined the duo at just 16 years old. Deborah was the replacement for I lived Brunieri.

The blonde, owner of the brand, started to advise the career of Deborah, at the request of the peon’s mother. from there, lived started to take Deborah programs and introduces it as its replacement. Now, in an interview with Portal Em Off, the blonde decided to break the silence and talk about what was happening behind the scenes of the Ronaldinhas.

“You have to go back to the 2000s, and the story is quite long. When Marcia, Deborah’s mother came to me to advise her daughter and try to get her into the artistic world, the As Ronaldinhas brand was very successful and I had an office in São Paulo”, it started.

The idea was to get away from the duo and just do business, but lived had closed with a big brand that didn’t want the actress. “She was a minor and even though she was emancipated, the brand preferred that I be the poster girl”.

They were very successful at that time and second Vivi Brunieri, the mother of Deborah wanted to buy 10% of the brand. “At the time, it was announced that a contest was held to choose the new “Ronaldinha”, we had to tell everyone about it, but in fact Deborah did not enter through any contest, she entered because her mother bought 10% of the brand, so was paid”.

lived account that, by contract, she had to put the Deborah in some programs. “My commitment was to put her on Hebe, Gugu’s program, at the time Domingo Legal and the intention was that she would fall in people’s favor and could continue in the duo. But Deborah started to give a lot of problems, a lot… and I can’t talk now, what I can say is that it involves drugs and prostitution”.

Last year, lived gave an interview to the program More than 8 minutes in Rafinha Bastos and revealed that the woman had liposuction at the age of 15, as she had a dream of posing nude for Playboy. Despite what has already been said, the revelations seem to be much more serious, controversial and bombastic.

The statements of lived had repercussions and, in the midst of the comments, she added that the bomb is coming. “I granted an interview to a journalist, but the story was prevented from being aired… they are resolving with the network’s legal department, but I think it will be aired soon”.


In conversation with confinement friends, the pawnVini Buttel accused Deborah Albuquerque of using children’s clothes for pure game strategy, in order to pass a good image to the reality audience.

Former reality show contestant De Vacations with Ex Brasil even compared her to an adult film actress.“THESometimes I look at her clothes and it feels like I’m watching a porn movie. Those hot girls dressed as little girls“said.

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