Silvio Santos had to pay an amount to Edir Macedo before debuting a new program; know how much

Silvio Santos pays Record to have SBT Reporter (Image: Record / Disclosure)

Silvio Santos decided and the SBT rescued an old format of journalistic bulletins throughout the program. For this, the São Paulo channel brought something similar to the extinct Esso reporterand for this he entered into an agreement with the bishop Edir Macedoowner of record.

The program was part of TV Tupi’s programming between April 1952 and December 1970. It was broadcast by Record. At the time, the journalistic attraction was named after the sponsoring brand.

The new newsletter of Silvio Santos’ network, called Repórter SBT, was not free. The Abravanel family channel contacted Record Rio, owner of the rights to the vignette, for the payment of R$ 7 thousand per year, according to information from journalist Cristina Padiglione, from the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

SBT asks for more and Record denies first idea for Repórter Esso’s return

In the negotiation, SBT asked for the bulletin to be shown every hour, something similar to what was done with Tele Sena, but Record put its foot down and the agreement was only possible if the attraction was aired every two hours.

Historically, Repórter Esso was conceived only with the voice of the speaker and the images of the facts mentioned. In the original program, Benedito Ruy Rezende, Dalmácio Jordão, Kalil Filho, Gontijo Teodoro, Luiz Jatobá and Heron Domingues were the main highlights.

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The attraction premiered on Rádio Nacional in Rio de Janeiro on August 28, 1941, with the beginning of coverage of Brazil in World War II. Before, the program was tried out by the staff of Rádio Farroupilha de Porto Alegre.

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