Netizens rescue nudes of participants of “A Fazenda 14”

With its premiere scheduled for this Tuesday (13), the cast of the 14th edition of The farm (Record TV) was released last Monday (12). In all, 21 participants will compete for the prize of R$ 1.5 million. The 21st vacancy will be occupied by one of the five guests, who are in the magazine, through the public vote.

This edition consists of Alex Gallete, André Marinho, Bárbara Borges, Bruno Thalamo, Deborah Albuquerque, Deolane Bezerra, Ellen Cardodo, Ingrid Ohara, Iran Malfitano, Kerline Cardoso, Lucas Santos, Pele Milflow, Barreiros petal, Rosiane Pinheiro, martian redhead, Shayan Haghbin, Tati Zaqui, Thomas Costa, Tiago Ramos and Vini Buttel.

The five guests, who will compete for a spot on the reality show and are confined to the magazine, are: André Santos, Bia Miranda, Claudia Baronesa, MC Créu and Suzi Sassaki. Last Monday night, in addition to echoing the confirmation of the participants, internet users rescued some nudes of the pedestrians of A Fazenda 14.

Premiere of A Fazenda 14 (Photo: Reproduction / Record TV)

Thomas Costa

The actor and formerCarousel (SBT)22, had her nudes leaked after creating an account on OnlyFans, in January of this year. Unashamedly, he released daring records, boasting the “large volume” of private parts on the platform.

To see his intimate photos and videos, Thomaz charged around R$200.00 for a subscription. Still during his +18 phase, he was caught by the police recording a sex video inside the car. After the controversies, he decided to leave the platform and is now evangelical. (Some clicks can be seen

and ).

Thomas Costa (Photo: Reproduction)

Tiago Ramos

ex-stepfather of Neymarmodel Tiago Ramos, 24, also had nudes leaked after joining the platform Privacy. It didn’t take long for photos in which he appears naked, showing off everything, to start circulating in Telegram groups and on Twitter.

In one of the leaked images, Ramos appears in a T-shirt, in front of the mirror, holding his erect penis. In another photo, he is completely naked, lying on a bed, with his eyes closed and his limb “armed”. (Look

and ).

Tiago Ramos (Photo: Reproduction)

Bruno Thalamo

the reporter Bruno Thalamogives TV network!had an alleged nude leaked shortly after his name was rumored as one of the participants in A Fazenda 14. Known for working on the show Sonia Abramthe journalist’s intimate photo would have started to circulate backstage at the station.

The large size of the penis, which would have been 26 cm, made many people suspect if the photo was a montage. Thalamus has not confirmed whether the image actually belongs to him or not. (Look


Bruno Tálamo (Photo: Reproduction)

Vini Buttel

Former reality show contestantThe House” (Record TV) and “On Vacation With Ex” (MTV), Vini was Mister Holy Spirit 2019. After entering the reality show on Record TV, he had a leaked nude. In the image, the influencer appears comparing his penis to the size of a bottle of deodorant. (Look


In the third edition of “De Férias Com o Ex”, Vini, who entered as the ex-boyfriend of Martina Sanzipaid ass in the reality show during a game with colleagues in the outside area of ​​the house.

Vini Buttel (Photo: Reproduction)

Iran Malfinato

The 40-year-old actor did not have a leaked nude, but he has posed nude. At the age of 22, he did a sensual essay for an edition of New Magazine. At the same time, Iran was invited to be photographed to print the G Magazine.

in the rehearsal of New Magazine, the actor revealed a secret tattoo – the Chinese dragon starts at his groin, goes up his leg and ends up on his buttocks. The sexy photos were taken by Nana Morais at the time.

Iran Malfitano (Photo: Reproduction)

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