Accident on BR 101 leaves driver seriously injured in Aracruz


According to the PRF, the collision involved two cars. The injured man was taken to the Rio Doce Hospital.

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Published on 09/04/2022 at 15:01

Cars involved in an accident on BR 101, in Aracruz. Credit: Nadia Prado

A 41-year-old driver was seriously injured in an accident on BR 101, in Aracruz, northern Espírito Santo. The collision involved two cars, around 12:20 pm, at the height of kilometer 177.

According to the Federal Highway Police, the injured driver was taken to Hospital Rio Doce. The three occupants of the other vehicle involved in the collision were not injured. The dynamics of the accident were not disclosed.

Eco101, the concessionaire that manages the highway, informed in a note that, in order to respond to the incident, operational resources from the concessionaire (ambulance, tow truck and inspection vehicle) were called in, in addition to the PRF. One person was taken to the Rio Doce hospital. Traffic had to be diverted to the north during the incident.

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