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Colibri Matrero and Gabriel Marty take third Golden Brake | Rural

Colibri Matrero and Gabriel Marty take third Golden Brake | Rural
Colibri Matrero and Gabriel Marty take third Golden Brake | Rural

The dispute was fierce, but Colibri took the title at Expointer

In a fierce dispute at the Parque de Exposies Assis Brasil, at Expointer, Gabriel Viola Marty, riding Colibri Matrero, lifted the Freio de Ouro for the third consecutive time. The winning water was Capanegra Acquavia, ridden by Eduardo Weber Quadros.

“History speaks for him, people speak for him. A horse that enchanted the public, a horse that enchanted the breed, a horse that changed history, a foreign horse that represents a country,” said Marty.

When celebrating, while still on the track, his achievement, Eduardo Quadros summed up the moment as unique. He cited Freio’s conquest in 2017, when he set up Capanegra Quinta Sinfonia, a full sister (as Creoleists refer to children of the same father and mother) of Capanegra Acquavia.

celebration of success

Oncio Prado Jnior, president of ABCCC, summed up the final of the 40 Freio de Ouro as sensational. “From the beginning, on the previous Saturday with Morphology, now the closing with our Freio de Ouro, 40 years of Freio, 90 years of entity, everything has helped: the weather, the extraordinary animals and a full house, which is what gives the most joy , fraternization and bringing here all the heat that Freio has”, said the leader.

The winners

Capanegra Acquavia

Creator: Fernando Dornelles Pons
Exhibitor: Fernando Dornelles Pons
Establishment: Cabanha Capanegra, Dom Pedrito-RS
Rider: Eduardo Weber de Quadros
Average: 21,211

Hummingbird Matrero

Creator: La Pacfica
Exhibitor: RBM Importao e Exportao Ltda.
Establishment: Cabaa La Pacifica, Uruguay
Rider: Gabriel Viola Marty
Average: 20,531

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