Who is Morgoth and what happened to him

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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power begins with a narration by Galadriel recounting some of the events of the First Age. She mentions Morgoth, against whom the elves warred. We will now see who exactly he was.

Morgoth, originally known as Melkor, was the greatest of the Ainur. They were the first and most powerful beings created by Ilúvatar, the god of mythology created by JRR Tolkien, before the beginning of the World.

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The Ainur were the “children of Ilúvatar’s thought,” and each received understanding only from that part of Ilúvatar’s mind whence they came. The exception was Melkor, who had part of the gifts of everyone else.

By wandering the Void in an attempt to find and use the Imperishable Flame, the Secret Fire, the source of Ilúvatar’s creative activity, Melkor developed ideas different from those of the other Ainur.

His feelings grew rebellious against his creator, as he wished to create sentient beings to inhabit the Void and was dissatisfied that Ilúvatar had not done so. However, Melkor could not find the Flame, as it was not in the Void, but with Ilúvatar.

Ilúvatar instructed the Ainur in music, until he brought them together to make the Music of the Ainur: the great song that created the Vision of Ilúvatar and, ultimately, the real world.

Melkor fell from glory when he interrupted the Music of the Ainur and defied the will of Ilúvatar. Morgoth corrupted many of the Ainur in his service, fought the Valar even during the creation of the world, and spoiled Arda.

Morgoth as the First Dark Lord

Morgoth went with the other Ainur to Arda, the physical world, and there he proclaimed himself lord of that world.

He began to corrupt the children of Ilúvatar, creating the orks, corrupting other spirits known as the Maiar, generating the Balrogs, and was also responsible for creating the Dragons.

Eventually, as we see at the beginning of the series, Melkor, along with Ungoliant, who took the form of a gigantic spider, destroyed the two trees of Valinor, which brought light to the world before the creation of the sun and moon (these were originated from the fruits of trees).

Afterwards, he stole the Silmarils, three gems created by the elf Fëanor, who had captured part of the light from the trees to do so. The elf and his sons swore to war against Morgoth and anyone who held the Silmarils, until they regained them.

Their theft of the Silmarils and wars against Elves and Men spanned much of First Age history.

Eventually, Morgoth was defeated, chained by the Valar, and thrown into the Void, leaving the permanent damage his ills caused, and his former lieutenant Sauron, a Maiar corrupted by the Dark Lord, who continued to wreak havoc across the world.

One day, according to a prophecy, Morgoth will rise again in great wrath, but he will be destroyed in Dagor Dagorath, the last battle, which will end all wars.

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