Freio de Ouro 2022 has a three-time champion for the first time in the history of the event

The Gold Brake Proof 2022 has a three-time champion for the first time in history. The group formed by Colibri Matrero and rider Gabriel Marty, from the Uruguayan cabin La Pacifica, was the big winner of the race held this Sunday (04).

Golden Brake 2022

In the place where the 40 finalist groups met before and after each event, the atmosphere was one of companionship. Hugs and effusive greetings united those who shouted with joy at the performance of all the animals on the competition sand.

Once again, Matrero took the lead only on the decisive day. The men’s podium was made up of the silver brake, Guarani 61 from Sorsul and the bronze brake, Campana Echo a Mano.

Below you can watch the final phase of the Golden Brake 2022. Press play!

Among the mares, the title went to Acquavia, commanded by rider Eduardo de Quadros, from the Capanegra cabin, in Montenegro. The mare Labareda da Maior came in second, and the once-renegade India Guapa, in third.

Gold flavored bronze

With rare bluish white eyes and colored fur, the India Guapa mare did not seem to have the knack for the thing. Two training centers advised the animal’s owners to let him “to give birth” – she even had two pups between 2017 and 2019. Just at the age of 8, three years later than normally horses start competing in the Golden Brake, India found those who bet on her once again.

India Guapa mare and rider Charles Fagundes took third place among females

One day I saw her running in the field and I thought she was beautiful, I believed I could try to ride her again” recalls Charles Sum Fagundes, 34, with Guapa for two years.

The rider was also found by the animal. Charles, born in Bagé, has been working with horses since 2005. Since 2009 he has attended the Freio de Ouro finals without reaching the podium. On the back of India Guapa and with the support of Carazinho’s friends, he reached the last two races as leader of the ranking.

When I started working with her, I noticed some fear of her when obeying our commands, which prevented her training. We grew a lot, and I knew that if I worked on the hose, I would grow even more in the other two tests, as these are tasks in which she is very compliant.” designed the rider, before being overtaken by two competitors and taking the Brake of Bronze.

Winner of the Golden Brake, male Colibri Matrero horse

Throughout Sunday morning, friend Igor Santos da Silva, 23, a former caregiver from India, accompanied Charles’ brother and nephew in the care of the four-legged athlete. Docile as the Creoles of the Freio de Ouro must be, she was not surprised even when the reporter, with no custom for horses, approached to interview the rider. In the trials of Bayard Sarmento and Paleteada, she fulfilled her part of the deal with Charles and returned the affection of Cabanha Tombini

I just have to say thank you, she defended my year. I’m very happy that I bet on her and that she has grown as I hoped she would in this final.“, declared Charles, who also rides other animals in the cabin, between tears and hugs from colleagues, after the result was made official by the organization over the loudspeakers.

Relief and Celebration

Before hearing the notes of the last competitors on the pallet, Charles lived with the expectation of being on the podium but still being able to be surpassed. Even with fourth place, the worst scenario at that moment, joy was already guaranteed. He got off India, jumped over the wooden fence and left the hugs for later. He took a cigarette out of his wallet and wanted to smoke it.

Golden Brake 2022
Forty finalist sets gathered at the arena this Sunday

Before getting the lighter, confirmation of the historic result for the set brought a rush of relief. With the cigarette between his fingers and a smile taking its place in his mouth, he was pulled by his companions and warned that he would need to parade one last time through the arena hose. The journey he had taken twice, pressing the ribs of a steer, would now be a pleasant, unprecedented ride, without haste or pressure, as the third best rider of Creole mares in Rio Grande do Sul.

Applauded, he waved his hat back to the crowd, not even remembering where he had kept his cigarette at that moment. Back to friends, more hugs, another flood of tears thanks to everyone involved in the campaign. The brother and nephew, wife and caretakers of India participated in the party between horses on the secondary sand track.

I need some water“, said Igor, starting the movement towards the cabin’s refrigerator.

And I need fire“, insists Charles, finally finding a seat where he could stop and assimilate what he had just experienced.

The channel Em Busca do Cavalo Crioulo made a podcast with the Champions of the Golden Brake 2021 and had the participation of Gabriel Viola Marty and Daniel Teixeira. Review this interesting moment just below. Press play!

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