Faithful who was shot by PM in church says it was ‘the devil’s thing’

Faithful who was shot by PM in church says it was ‘the devil’s thing’
Faithful who was shot by PM in church says it was ‘the devil’s thing’

Business advisor Davi Augusto de Souza, 40, who was shot inside a church of the Christian Congregation of Brazil in Goiânia, Goiás, says he still does not understand the reasons that led his friend Vitor da Silva Lopes, a military policeman, to shoot him during a service held on Friday (2). The discussion that motivated the PM’s reaction would have been motivated by political issues.

In an interview with UOL this Sunday (4), Davi said he doesn’t remember how many shots he took from the police. But he knows both legs were pierced by bullets. In one of them, the projectile ended up damaging the femoral artery, an extension of the aorta vein, and he already had to face two surgeries. In the coming days, he will have to undergo a third intervention.

“My leg is open, swollen. It hurts a lot, it burns like there’s a fire. The other one is better. But the doctors don’t say what the prognosis is. Only by God,” he declared.

Davi has been hospitalized since Friday, has had two surgeries and feels a lot of pain in his leg.

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VItor has been friends with Davi for over 10 years. The PM worked with hardware and Davi was his client. “I insisted a lot on him signing up for the PM. And it was my brother, Daniel, who brought him to the church,” he said. “But I hadn’t seen him for about 4, 5 years, because I had moved to the countryside”.

Davi stated that he went to attend the service on Friday with his brother, because the members of the upper hierarchy of the church would have defined that his brother, Daniel, and Pastor Djalma, would have to, together, ask forgiveness from the members of the congregation on account of an argument they had had over politics.

“Pastor Djalma was going to ask forgiveness because he talked about politics in the middle of the service and my brother was going to ask the brothers for forgiveness because he called the pastor’s attention and argued with him in the middle of the service.

So, on Friday, David, who has been a musician for 30 years and often plays at services, took his musical instrument and, accompanied by other members of the church band, played three hymns of praise. “Then it made me thirsty and I decided to take a break to drink water”.

Upon arriving at the church pantry, Davi saw an ex-brother-in-law, named Maycom, whom he greeted, extending his hand. He was accompanied by PM Vitor, who was off duty at the time, being there only as a member of the congregation.

“I was happy to see Vitor. And I immediately extended my hand to him. Suddenly, he jumped back and called me a tramp. He took the glass of water he had in his hand and threw it all in my face. I approached him to ask what had happened, why he was doing that. It was the devil’s thing, really. It didn’t make any sense, everyone was scared”.

As soon as he approached his 10-year-old friend, Vitor pulled out his revolver and shot in the direction of Davi, who was completely stunned by the policeman’s reaction. “I don’t even remember how many shots he took anymore. But he hit both my legs. His reaction was the devil’s thing, he was under the influence of some evil, there’s only this explanation.”

Worried and in shock

David says he is in shock at the situation. And that he’s worried too, because he has three kids to raise and doesn’t know what could happen if he had to stop working. He was starting to structure a factory to produce uniforms and t-shirts, but now he doesn’t know what his future will be like.

“I have no idea how my leg is, just a miracle from God in my life,” said Davi. “My brother Daniel is very shaken by everything that has happened. So is my family. My wife and ex are taking care of the kids.”

The business advisor, who has a postgraduate degree in civil law and process, says that, despite the acute pain and sadness, due to the reaction of his friend of so many years, he does not resent Vitor.

“He didn’t look for me after what happened, nor did he send a message to ask how I was doing. But I already knew from a mutual friend that he regrets what he did”, he said. “God will give us the conditions to overcome, I don’t want trust or anything, just peace and may God bless him and his family. If he has something against me, that I don’t know about, may he forgive me”.

O UOL tried to contact police officer Vitor da Silva Lopes, but so far he had not been located. According to the Military Police, he would have presented himself, after the incident, spontaneously to the Civil Police for the appropriate procedures. He will also respond to the disciplinary administrative procedure opened by the PM to investigate the circumstances of the fact.

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