After assassination attempt, Argentina resumes trial against Cristina Kirchner | World

After assassination attempt, Argentina resumes trial against Cristina Kirchner | World
After assassination attempt, Argentina resumes trial against Cristina Kirchner | World

The first to speak will be the defense lawyers of another defendant — Cristina Kirchner’s defense is expected at the end of September. No date has yet been set, as the allegations are presented according to an alphabetical list.

Cristina is accused of favoring, when she was president, businessman Lázaro Báez in the granting of bids for the realization of public works in the province of Santa Cruz.

This Monday’s hearing will be dedicated to the allegations of Héctor Garro, former director of public works in Santa Cruz.

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1 of 1 Attack on Cristina Kirchner — Photo: TELAM / AFP

Attack on Cristina Kirchner — Photo: TELAM / AFP

Cristina could be jailed for 12 years

The prosecution asked for 12 years in prison and perpetual disqualification from holding public office for Kirchner, on charges of crimes of illicit association and fraudulent administration.

However, as she is vice president, she has a privileged forum that exempts her from going to prison or being disabled. The verdict is expected to be issued by the end of this year.

The Public Ministry estimates that the amount embezzled from the State was billions of dollars.

The final stage of this judicial process, which began in 2019, takes place amid a climate of growing political polarization, exacerbated by the attack committed against the former president on Thursday night by a 35-year-old man near his home in Buenos Aires. Aires.

Fernando Sabag Montiel, born in Brazil to a Chilean father and an Argentine mother, was arrested for pointing a pistol at Cristina’s head as she greeted her supporters on the street. Although the man pulled the trigger twice, the gun did not fire.

The court has not yet been able to determine whether the aggressor has accomplices or whether he acted alone. There are also investigations into whether there were any flaws in the vice president’s security scheme.

So far, Kirchner has not made any statements.

The assassination attempt was immediately repudiated by the main names in politics in Argentina. On Friday, a huge demonstration took place in support of the former president and in repudiation of violence.

On Saturday, a tense session took place in the Chamber of Deputies. The attack was condemned by the deputies, but most opposition lawmakers left after the text was signed.

The government officials said that some media were inciting the climate of violence in the country. This Sunday (4), former President Mauricio Macri criticized these statements: “The Minister of the Interior himself established a direct link between newspaper, radio and television editorials and the attack on Cristina Kirchner. This attribution is as irrational as the attack itself. , and could endanger the lives of journalists, the integrity of independent media and democracy itself,” wrote the former president.

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