5 news from Tricolor Gaucho that rocked today

5 news from Tricolor Gaucho that rocked today
5 news from Tricolor Gaucho that rocked today

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After beating Vila Nova 2×1 on Friday, at the Arena, Grêmio felt more relieved, now in 3rd place with 47 points in Série B. Off the field, the news already shows possible reinforcements for 2023 Check below a news bulletin from Grêmio today:

Marcelo Grohe back?

Idol of the fans and multi-champion for Grêmio, Marcelo Grohe is on the club’s radar to return to being the team’s goalkeeper in 2023, according to information from journalist Sergio Boaz. Currently, the archer defends Al-Ittihad, from Saudi Arabia, having left the Arena at the end of 2018.

Pedro Raul is an option

Another name that appeared on Grêmio’s agenda was that of striker Pedro Raul, who has already played in Rio Grande do Sul football and currently plays for Goiás, having already scored 12 goals in the 2022 Serie A. The fact that his manager is the same as Renato could help possible negotiation, according to reporter Vagner Martins.

Douglas Costa?

An information brought by Juliano Britto, from Copero TV, involving Douglas Costa, stirred up Grêmio fans once and for all this Sunday. According to him, the current Los Angeles Galaxy player, from the USA, would like to return to Grêmio to “clean up his image” with the fans and work with Renato Portaluppi.

Renato will arrive at Gremio

Officially hired last Thursday to replace Roger Machado, Renato Portaluppi is expected in Porto Alegre this Monday afternoon. He will make his debut on Sunday, 4 pm, against Vasco da Gama, at the Arena.

Edilson’s conversation with Renato

Right after the victory over Vila Nova, right-back Edilson, who left at halftime, revealed he had a previous conversation with Renato:

“After the trip I didn’t know if I was going to play, I even talked to Renato for me to take a break because I didn’t want to get hurt again. He knows my way of trying to help and trying to do my best. Renato has a history here, he is a very nice guy who makes the atmosphere very good. Everyone will really like his work.”

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