Fourth suspect arrested for the death of a child inside the CE

Fourth suspect arrested for the death of a child inside the CE
Fourth suspect arrested for the death of a child inside the CE

Another suspect involved in the attack that resulted in the death of a 5-year-old child, in Poranga, Ceará, was arrested. The capture took place this Saturday afternoon, 3. A man is the fourth suspect in the crime to be captured by the Police.

According to the Secretary of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS), the arrest was the result of an operation coordinated by the ministry. The suspect, identified as Emerson Ribeiro Alves, 18, was found after a police siege through a region of vegetation in the Jericho neighborhood, in the city where the crime took place.

The man was captured by military police and a weapon was seized. Emerson, who had no criminal record, was taken to the Crateús Regional Police Station, where he was charged with intentional homicide, attempted murder and being part of a criminal organization.

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room to be arrested

The suspect is the fourth to be arrested for involvement in the crime, which in addition to victimizing a 5-year-old child, led to the death of a 42-year-old man. On Thursday, the 1st, the same day the attack took place, the police apprehended a teenager suspected of “a crime analogous to murder”.

On Saturday morning, an operation coordinated by the SSPDS resulted in the arrest of two more suspects. One of them, identified as “Rodrigo da Caucaia”, 21, was found in a house in Poranga and was in possession of the murder weapon. He is suspected of being the author of the shots that hit the child.

The other man to be captured was Antônio Lucas Alves Bezerra da Silva, 29, known as “Lucas do Pedão”. Suspect was located in a hospital in Piracuruca, Piauí, where he was hospitalized after being hit by an enemy. He was captured with the help of the State Civil Police.

Child and man were shot and died

At dawn on Thursday, the 1st, armed men entered a house in the city of Poranga and fired shots at people who were there. The shots hit a 42-year-old man, who was responding for attempted murder, and died.

Gunshots also wounded at least three other people, including the 5-year-old boy. All were taken to a health unit, but the child could not resist the injuries and died in hospital.


The SSPDS reinforces that the population can contribute to investigations by passing on information, with confidentiality and anonymity guaranteed.

Dial-Report: 181

SSPDS WhatsApp: (85) 3101 0181

Crateús Regional Police Station: (88) 3692 3308

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