Average gasoline price dropped 30% in two months

The average price of Gasoline dropped at gas station pumps across the country for the tenth week in a row. According to data from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), released last Friday (2), the average price of fuel dropped from R$5.25 to R$5.17. This figure represents a 1.5% decrease in price. The last time fuel was at this level was in the last week of February 2021.

In addition to gasoline, ethanol also represented a drop in average. The average price for fuel went from R$3.84 to R$3.71, which represents a drop of 3.4%. With regard to the average diesel priceit went from R$ 6.93 to R$ 6.90, a reduction of 0.4%, being the lowest price seen for diesel since the week ended on June 11 of this year, when it registered R$ 6.91 .

Petrol price details

In the last week of June 2022, gasoline reached its peak, when it registered an average of R$ 7.39 at the pumps. When analyzing the latest ANP survey, the accumulated drop for fuel reaches 30%, which is equivalent to R$ 2.22 per liter.

The highest price found for gasoline, in Amazonas, was worth R$ 7.00 a liter. Also in Amazonas, the highest value was found for diesel, costing R$ 8.89 a liter, while the most expensive for ethanol was found in Rio Grande do Sul, registering R$ 6.99 a liter.

Constant reduction in fuel prices

The current reductions in fuel prices have been observed since the decree imposed by the Federal Government that limits the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS). As a result, the states adopted a ceiling of 17% to 18% for the tax on items such as diesel, gasoline, electricity, communications and public transport.

In addition, another important point that should impact fuel prices in the coming weeks was the reduction announced by Petrobras of 7.08% in the price of gasoline for distributors. This reduction went into effect on Friday (2). The liter will go from R$ 3.53 to R$ 3.28, a reduction of R$ 0.25 in distributors.

With inflation expectations hovering around zero for September, the change should reach the official gauge at -0.24% and contribute to a IPCA negative this month. This point is pointed out by economist André Braz, who coordinates the Consumer Price Index of the Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV Ibre).

Braz explains that, “the chance of us having negative inflation at the end of this month increased due to the weight that gasoline has in the family budget, which compromises an average of 6.5%”. The economist believes that the discount on the price to distributors should cause a 4% decrease in Gasoline common sold at gas stations.

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