(+18) The Joker’s Most Disturbing Murder Is Too Violent for Film

The Joker is known for committing disturbing murders. However, one of the most striking is too violent to be adapted into live-action.

In Joker (2008)in Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, Joker is released from Arkham Asylum and meets with a criminal named Jonny Frost, who agrees to be his driver. One of the Joker’s first stops is a strip club owned by an associate named Monty.

However, after Harley Quinn takes the stage, the Clown Prince of Crime asks to see Monty in an adjoining room, where he skins the criminal alive and makes him dance on stage. The Joker’s death is so disturbing that it hardly Warner Bros. Discovery will adapt the moment in theaters.


As highlighted by Screen Rant, this remains the Joker’s darkest moment to date and showed just how twisted his mind is. Ultimately, even in the R-rated franchise starring Joaquin Phoenixit’s practically impossible that we’ll see something this violent in DC movies.

The Batman villain’s darkest murder remains one of the most gruesome moments in comics. In addition to skinning a man alive, Joker makes him dance as he slowly died. Joker has already committed a few other grotesque murders, but nothing surpasses what was seen in Azzarello’s story.

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Only one member of the Bat-Family is not afraid of the Joker

Joker is a monstrous being that scares many people, but a member of the Bat-Family doesn’t feel scared. As described by Screen Rant, Alfred Pennyworth was a former British Royal Army secret agent and spent a lot of time working alongside Batman.

In Batman & Robin #17 (in Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason) the Bat-Family is recovering from the traumatic events of The Death of the Family (in Scott Snyder and Greg Capulo) and each member has a nightmare reflecting their current feelings.

Alfred’s dream, however, is much nicer compared to the rest of the team and shows he doesn’t mind the Clown Prince of Crime. Alfred dreams that the Joker breaks into the mansion and kills the rest of the Bat-Family using a hammer.

This is the exact tool with which the Joker attacked Alfred at the beginning of The Death of the Family. Using a shotgun, Alfred appears to be ready this time. After ordering the Joker to step aside, the villain refuses. In this way, Alfred pulls the trigger and blows up the Joker’s head.

Alfred wakes up from the dream and goes back to sleep, with a smile on his face. Alfred has been through a lot in his life, he served as an agent for the Royal British Army and helped Batman for decades. Alfred is also the only member of the Bat-Family who doesn’t follow Batman’s only rule about no killing.

Alfred Pennyworth is the most loyal of all of Bruce Wayne’s allies. He’s been with Batman since the beginning and has seen the rise of all of Bruce’s villains, which is exactly why he’s not afraid of the Joker. What are his thoughts on this? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

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