Motorcyclist dies after being involved in a bus accident

Driver was taken to the 5th Police District for appropriate action. Breathalyzer test found no alcohol in the bus driver’s bloodstream

A motorcyclist died after an accident involving a public transport bus on Saturday night (3), in the square of the Civic Center of Boa Vista. The driver was taken to the 5th DP (Police District) for appropriate action. The breathalyzer test found no alcohol in the bus driver’s bloodstream.

THE Sheet found that the victim is military Bruno de Jesus, 27 years old.

The Samu (Mobile Emergency Care Service) attested to his death at the scene of the accident. The Civil Police carried out the expertise and, after the survey, the victim’s body was removed by the IML (Institute of Legal Medicine).

Military Police said that when they arrived at the scene, they found the victim lying down and his helmet was in pieces.

The bus driver informed the corporation that it was traveling along Amazonas Avenue (the route that goes around the circumference of the Civic Center), towards João Pereira de Melo and Nossa Senhora da Consolata avenues, on the third lane and that, when arriving in front of the Palace of Culture, there was a collision on the left side of the bus, close to the front wheel.

Victim and motorcycle after the accident (Photo: Disclosure)

At the time of the accident, the Honda Fan motorcycle, driven by the victim, was traveling along the road in the same direction, but in the second lane. After the collision, the motorcyclist was thrown under the vehicle and had his head hit by the front and rear wheels.

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