With a lack of hotels, Copa in Qatar has rooms on ships, tents and high prices – 04/09/2022

One of the biggest difficulties for those who want to go to the World Cup in Qatar this year is regarding accommodation. There are not enough hotels in the country to receive the entire public. As a result, alternatives were created, such as rooms on cruise ships and even tents in desert camps. However, the prices are very high and fans will have to pay good money to travel to the Middle East between the months of November and December.

As the country has small territorial dimensions and the eight stadiums are located close to each other, practically all in the capital Doha and surroundings, the concentration of people in the same place will be great. Around 1 million foreign tourists are expected in Qatar during the tournament, with half of this number in the group stage. According to the Qatari tourism agency, the country has 30,000 hotel rooms, but more than half are already reserved by FIFA to host national teams, referees, the press, officials and official guests.

With the creation of alternative and temporary accommodation, Qatar is expected to reach around 100,000 rooms available. But despite the positive speech of the organizers, the issue of accommodation is a problem to be faced in this Cup.

“In terms of accommodation, a platform was announced by the Supreme Committee of Qatar, which shows all the options we have for accommodation. We have options from five-star to two-star hotel rooms, temporary accommodation facilities, for example, we have the ships cruise lines, which will be docked in the port of Doha as an option for a floating hotel. So fans can book a room there for the tournament,” said Nasser Al Khater, CEO of the Qatar 2022 Organizing Committee.

The Katara Towers, hotel in the marina of Lusail City, in Doha

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An official platform has been created for booking accommodation on the internet. In addition to hotels, the list includes apartments for rent, tents in campgrounds, temporary cabins in villages for fans and rooms on two ships that will be docked. There are several luxurious places, others more modest, but even the few more economical options are very expensive. At the moment, the cheapest rate does not cost less than R$ 600. On the other hand, there are daily rates in hotels that cost up to R$ 25,000. To enter the country during the competition, it will be necessary to present an accommodation confirmation.

Qatar has undergone several works since it was chosen to host the World Cup in 2010, and a lot of new things have been built. To alleviate the problem of accommodation, Brazilian Perkison Souza, who lives in the country, highlighted the construction of an entire city in the region where the main stadium of the World Cup was built, in addition to the transport system.

“There is a city here next to Doha called Lusail, and it has a hotel structure that is being built from scratch. It is a city that was built from scratch, precisely to increase the accommodation capacity. , because all the stadiums are connected by the subway. So this is the first country where people will be able to move between stadiums during the day, you can watch up to three games in the same day. I think this is amazing for a World Cup country of the World. So the logistics are going great,” said Perkison.

The Lusail stadium, with capacity for 80,000 fans, which will host the World Cup final on December 18, was built in an area where there was almost nothing before. Around it, a new city with 38 km2, also called Lusail, is being completed 20 km away from Doha, with residential, commercial, entertainment, marina, beach and 22 new hotels.

Lusail, an alternative for hosting

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Qatar’s high prices, mainly for accommodation, but also for other day-to-day costs such as flights and food, should make the 2022 World Cup one of the most expensive. As there is a restriction on alcoholic beverages in the country, the price of this item is even higher. On average, a 500ml glass of beer costs from R$ 60, in licensed bars, which are located inside large international hotels.

Despite this, according to an official statement released by FIFA in August, 2.45 million tickets for the games have already been sold, for 64 matches, involving 32 teams. Those who bought the most tickets so far were fans from Qatar, the United States, England, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, France, Argentina, Brazil and Germany. The Worlds starts on November 20th and ends on December 18th.

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