Dourados performs today motorcycle awareness on organ donation

In September, the CIHDOTT (Intra-Hospital Commission for Donation of Organs and Tissues for Transplants) of the Hospital da Vida de Dourados, with the support of the City Hall through Sems (Municipal Health Department), will promote the Green September Campaign .

The objective of the actions is to encourage awareness about organ donation. This Sunday, September 4th, a motorcycle is scheduled, and on September 27th, Organ Donation Day is celebrated.

“September Verde is a national campaign, which was instituted to make the population aware of the importance of talking at home about organ donation. We want to encourage people to make their desire to be a donor clear to their families; because the final decision rests exclusively with the family, and the wish registered in any document is not valid. And today, one of the biggest difficulties for organ donation is precisely this lack of certainty on the part of the family regarding the will of the loved one”, emphasizes psychologist Silviane Krokosz from Hospital da Vida.

Currently, the waiting list for organ donation is unique, at the National Transplant Center, and exceeds 50,000 people, including children and adults.

The diagnosis of brain death requires a series of clinical examinations and information for families. After confirmation of death due to brain death, and acceptance by the family to make the donation.

Clinical exams are sent to the centers that track in the waiting list who is compatible and will be able to benefit from the donation.

Green September schedule

Day 04 – Motorbike with the couriers from Dourados, leaving the parking lot of the Assaí supermarket (partner of the campaign), at 07:00 and heading to Praça Antônio João, in the center of the city.

Day 09 – Educational blitz at Praça Antônio João. The Hospital da Vida team will be taking questions from the population. With the participation of Hospital da Vida and partners: Iagran, Posto Patrícia and Faculdade Anhanguera.

27th – Public hearing at the City Hall at 18:00, with guests from the State Transplant Center to comment on the challenges of attracting and raising awareness of the population of Dourados and region.

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