The search in Moro’s house and what Bolsonaro fears the most

The search in Moro’s house and what Bolsonaro fears the most
The search in Moro’s house and what Bolsonaro fears the most

Assistant judge Melissa de Azevedo Olivas, from the Regional Electoral Court of Paraná (TRE-PR), authorized the search for documents at the house of former judge Sérgio Moro, in Curitiba.

They are campaign and publicity pieces that disrespected the requirements of the law. Moro is União Brasil’s candidate for the Senate. He lacked support to run for president.

Melissa accepted a request from the PT, which alleges that Moro and his alternate use printed materials that violate electoral legislation and that their social networks publish irregular propaganda.

Why was the search at Moro’s house and not at his campaign committee? Because Moro gave his house as the committee’s address. Only amateur or poor politicians do that. Poor, Moro is not.

Did the search provoke social commotion? Not. Who came to Moro’s defense? He, Moro, and his wife, lawyer Rosângela Moro, candidate for federal deputy in São Paulo.

Did União Brasil not come out in defense of the former judge? Until last night, no. Everything indicates that it will not come out. PODEMOS, Moro’s former party, accuses him of asking for reimbursement for the purchase of clothes.

There are invoices that prove that Moro wanted to be reimbursed by PODEMOS with the money from the Electoral Fund after having bought a complete suit, shirts and even shorts.

Moro condemned Lula for the purchase of a triplex apartment on Guarujá beach that was never completed, and for using a property owned by third parties on weekends.

The Federal Supreme Court overturned the convictions for considering that Lula could not have been prosecuted in Curitiba, and judging that Moro behaved in a partial way.

The PT celebrates the judge’s decision, but Bolsonaro, Moro’s opponent, does not. He is terrified that once defeated, he will be the target of legal action. As Michel Temer was.

As soon as he left the presidency of the Republic, Temer was arrested in the middle of the street, in São Paulo. He is taken prisoner to Rio, and later released. Bolsonaro knows very well where his ass hurts.

He did everything possible to preserve himself. He decreed secrecy of up to 100 years on information and documents that could cause him embarrassment. But the next president can lift secrecy.

It is for this more than anything else that Bolsonaro wants to be reelected, that he needs to be reelected, that his children want him to be reelected. Without immunity, Bolsonaro is in serious danger.

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