23-year-old dies in tragic accident in SC

Car collided with a pole after overturning (Photo: Disclosure)

A 23-year-old girl ended up losing her life in a serious traffic accident in the early hours of this Sunday, the 4th, in the Centenário neighborhood, in Jaraguá do Sul.

As reported by Diário de Jaraguá, victim Emily Nayara Pereira, 23, was a passenger on a Vectra, also occupied by two men, aged 25 and 21. The driver of the car was Emily’s boyfriend and was rescued with injuries. Their health status was not disclosed.

The car they were in left the lane and collided with the median, crossing the lane, overturning and crashing into a pole. The young woman was trapped in the wreckage and could not resist her injuries. The causes of the accident were not disclosed.

Around 6 am this Sunday, the 4th, Celesc teams were on site replacing the pole, which broke with the impact of the collision.

Emily lost her life in the accident and two others were injured.

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