7 golden tips to avoid extra expenses

7 golden tips to avoid extra expenses
7 golden tips to avoid extra expenses

Rock in Rio tips

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Rock in Rio opened its doors last Thursday, 1st, while the shows started this Friday, 2nd. Thus, the public’s first contact with the festival yielded some reactions. One aspect that caught my attention was the prices of food and drinks.

Even with several options available in the structure, the values ​​scared the public. A glass of water costs R$6, while sandwich combos go up to R$55. Popcorn buckets, popular at events of this type, are sold in different sizes, ranging from R$25 to R$55.

Check out the tips to avoid spending extra money at Rock in Rio

Don’t buy water, bring a bottle

Empty plastic bottles without caps are allowed. In the Rock City space there are drinking fountains to refill the container. That way, you avoid expenses in this aspect. Also, no drinks are allowed.

Bring your own snack

To not spend on the scary prices of dishes and snacks, the tip is to bring your own sandwich. One of the best tips for Rock in Rio is the cold snacks. After all, plastic bags such as ziplocks are allowed in.

bet on fruits

Another option to take in plastic bags is fruit. Preferably, it is better to opt for the hardest and pitted ones, such as apples and pears. Just remembering that they need to be cut. Finally, dried fruit is also an option.

Cereal bars can’t go wrong

One of the classic tips for Rock in Rio, or for any event, is the cereal bars are not left out of the list. It’s a good option to stay on your feet at the festival, especially opting for those with protein. On the other hand, be careful with quantities as you can only bring 5 items to the festival.

Peanuts and chestnuts

To top it off, peanuts and chestnuts are a good option to give that energy boost. As well as walnuts and almonds, they are more recommended items to bring to the festival. Remembering that they must also be placed in a clear plastic bag.

Crackers and cookies are allowed

Processed and sealed foods, as well as cereal bars, are allowed at the event. The best thing about cookies and crackers is that they are practical. One of the golden tips to enjoy Rock in Rio without having to stop still.

Avoid very fatty foods

Nothing that spoils quickly out of the fridge is a good choice. Pizza, hamburger, fries and others should be avoided. Also, because they are heavier foods, they can cause discomfort at the time of the show.

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