PCC can buy weapons thanks to Bolsonaro, says Lula

PCC can buy weapons thanks to Bolsonaro, says Lula
PCC can buy weapons thanks to Bolsonaro, says Lula

Former president and presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) said this Sunday (4.Sep.2022) that criminal organizations find it easier to obtain weapons thanks to the loosening of the rules promoted by Jair Bolsonaro (PL), his main opponent in the October elections.

“In the past, buying a gun was very difficult. So the bandits stole from the police, they killed to steal weapons”declared the PT.

“Today the liar legalized the purchase of weapons. Whoever is buying weapons must be the PCC, it must be the Comando Vermelho, it must be the people who want weapons”said Lula.

The PT candidate also used the speech to make waves to the religious audience.

“I don’t believe anyone wants a weapon for good. I’m 76 years old and I’ve never been interested in owning a gun. I have my faith in God and I have my behavior, that’s what my protection is.”he said.

Lula made the statements in a meeting with representatives of domestic workers. The political act took place at the ABC Metalworkers’ Union, in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), from where PT emerged into politics.

In addition to the presidential candidate, his vice president, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), the candidate for governor of São Paulo Fernando Haddad (PT), the candidate for senator Márcio França (PSB) and the president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, also spoke. Representatives of the domestic category also spoke.

Watch the entire event (2:15:55):

“When you allow the sale of weapons, there are people who think it’s good. Who are they buying the gun? Are you? But the bad guys are buying it”he told the audience.

“The thieves no longer steal police weapons, they are buying new, 0 km, with a discount and legalized. It’s the best thing that’s happened to the bad guys in this country.”declared the presidential candidate.

“There will be no gun decree in this country, there will be a book decree”said about a possible new government of his.

Lula also made other criticisms of Bolsonaro.

“Did you realize he doesn’t have the guts to hold a rally? And when he goes, it’s to hold a rally with the military, to hold a rally with his militants”declared the PT.

“He doesn’t mix with the poor people because he knows he lies too much”said the PT candidate.

In his speech, Lula mentioned his government’s social policies and made several nods to the female electorate. “I’ve had the pleasure of being the president who nominated the first woman to govern this country. And Dilma was removed from the government for a dirty trick”declared.

the last search PowerDate, released on Wednesday (Aug 31), shows the PT with 44% of voting intentions against 36% for Jair Bolsonaro. The margin of error is 2 percentage points.

The survey was carried out by PowerDategroup company Power360 Journalism, with its own resources. The results are published in an editorial partnership with the TV Cultura.

Data were collected from August 28 to 30, 2022, through calls to cell phones and landlines. There were 3,500 interviews in 308 municipalities in the 27 units of the Federation. The margin of error is 2 percentage points. The confidence interval is 95%. The TSE registration is BR-06922/2022.

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