MC Martina launches book “Nunca Foi Sorte, Semper Foi Poesia”

Next Sunday (11), the multi-artist MC Martina launches her first book, entitled “Nunca Foi Sorte, Semper Foi Poesia”, at 10 am at Cine Carioca Nova Brasília, in the Complexo de favelas do Alemão, North Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Mc Martina is one of the founders of Slam Laje, in Complexo do Alemão – Photo: Stella Ribeiro

According to Martina, the work is a voyage to rescue living ancestry in the peripheral everyday life and that seeks to build in each poetry the concept of the invisible, proposed by the author as a manifestation of the invisible banzo present in the reality of black and peripheral youth, not as something that is see or touch, but as something that is felt.

Throughout her poetry, Martina addresses issues such as banzo, self-esteem, affective memory, pandemic and the experiences of a black woman inside one of the largest groups of favelas in the world, Complexo do Alemão. In addition to the book launch, the event will also feature the premiere of the short film “Nunca Foi Sorte, Semper Foi Poesia”.


“An audiovisual poetry that was born from the need to rescue the memory of my roots and is also a simple tribute to Dona Geralda Martina, my grandmother, the matriarch of a generation of black women living in Complexo do Alemão”explains.

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For the poet Sérgio Vaz, one of the most renowned names in Brazilian favelas, the book is an encouragement to those with strong and good hearts. “When the book arrived in my hands, it felt like a letter to humanity. Verses that seem more like decrees ‘Nunca Foi Sorte, Semper Foi Poesia’ is a book that takes us into the alleys and alleys of Martina’s soul. She fires off verses without worrying about missed rhymes. She doesn’t miss, she hits right in the middle of our hearts “celebrates.

Who is she

MC Martina is a rapper, poet and producer, creator of Slam Laje, the first spoken poetry battle in Complexo do Alemão, and one of the pioneering slams to be held within a favela in the State of Rio de Janeiro. She is also one of the founders of the cultural initiative Poetas Favelados, which carries out poetic attacks on public transport and schools and, in addition, is part of Movimentos, a group of young people from the favelas and periphery of Rio de Janeiro.

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