Celebrity deals with son’s death and uses ritual to resurrect son

Famous actor tried to resurrect his son with the help of the church

An interview published by the British newspaper Daily Mail has caused repercussions in the international press. The interviewee was Sam Domingo, daughter-in-law of opera singer Plácido Domingo and former member of the Church of Scientology, known for using some unconventional methods, she delivered the famous who are part of the institution and told an episode with the actor John Travolta.

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Domingo revealed that the actor attended the Church and in 2009, shortly after his son Jett died, due to convulsions, the famous sought out the leaders of the place and tried to resurrect the heir with the techniques and rituals of the church. The former member of the religious organization gave more details and said that the procedures were carried out in the ambulance, while the young boy’s body was taken to the hospital.

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“He tried to bring him back to life while still inside the ambulance, ordering his soul to stay inside the body, saying, ‘I order you to stay in this body.’ It’s a way of trying to stop the person from dying,” he said. Sam revealed that months after the famous’s son died, his partner became pregnant and everyone believed that the new heir is a reincarnation of Jett.

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“When Jett died, Kelly spent an entire day at the church headquarters, along with security. When you lose a child to Scientology, you believe their spirit has left that physical body and is going to find another. In Kelly’s case, she became pregnant a few months later, so they believe Jett’s soul is in Ben,” she concluded.

John Travolta publishes tribute on the day that his son, Jett, would be 28 years old - Photo: Reproduction
John Travolta and son Jett, – Photo: Reproduction

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