see the connection of international stars of Rock in Rio with Brazil

The connection between some of Rock in Rio’s stars and Brazil is not just based on concerts. Between relationships, tattoos, feats and even a t-shirt, you can see that some artists who will perform at the festival have a… Brazilian flavor.

One of the most anticipated names of Rock in Rio, Justin Bieber is married to Hailey, who is the daughter and granddaughter of Brazilians. The 25-year-old model’s mother is designer Kennya Deodato. Hailey is the granddaughter of pianist Eumir Deodato, considered one of the greatest arrangers and producers in the world. The carioca maestro has lived in the United States since 1968.

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Justin and Hailey Bieber Photo: Playback/Instagram
Hailey Bieber is the daughter of a Brazilian Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Before marrying Justin, Hailey went by her last name Baldwin, as she is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, who was in the films “Strength to Fight” and “Scarlett”. She is also the niece of actor Alec Baldwin who, in 2021, fired a firearm that hit Halyna Hutchins, director of photography for the film filmed in New Mexico.

Stephen Baldwin and Hailey Bieber
Stephen Baldwin and Hailey Bieber Photo: Playback/Instagram
Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin Photo: Playback/Instagram

Never forgetting her Brazilian roots, the model even got a tattoo of Minas Gerais, her grandmother’s home state, on her ankle. And it doesn’t stop there… Hailey also has the word “beauty” tattooed on her neck and “people” on the side of her hip.

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Hailey Bieber has Brazilian tattoos
Hailey Bieber has Brazilian tattoos Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Hailey Bieber has Brazilian tattoos
Hailey Bieber has Brazilian tattoos Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Hailey Bieber has Brazilian tattoos
Hailey Bieber has Brazilian tattoos Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Demi Lovato once dated Brazilian fighter

Brazil’s biggest enthusiast, singer Demi Lovato, could not be left out. Despite not having reached the level of Bieber and being married to a Brazilian or a Brazilian, Demi has already lived a romance with the fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos, in 2016. The two dated for almost a year, but broke up in May 2016. 2017. “Bomba is a good guy, but the relationship wasn’t working out anymore,” said a source close to Demi at the time.

Demi Lovato and Wrestler Guilherme
Demi Lovato and fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Demi Lovato and Wrestler Guilherme
Demi Lovato and fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

And speaking of tattoos… The fighter has a tiger drawing on his left hand. Demi, coincidentally or not, showed up with a similar lion tattooed, also on her left hand, shortly before the two broke up.

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Demi Lovato and Guilherme
Demi Lovato and Guilherme “Bomba” Photo: Reproduction/Twitter
Demi Lovato lion tattoo
Demi Lovato tattoos a lion Photo: Playback/Snapchat

Camila Cabello even unrolls a Portuguese

During a tour of Brazil in 2016, still with the group Fifth Harmony, Cuban singer Camila Cabello hitou on Twitter when he said he was “half” Brazilian.

The singer also posted a video on social media, in which she takes a Brazilian drink and still plays a Portuguese that enchanted her fans.

This year, during the second weekend of performances at the Coachella festival, in the United States, Camila secured posts on Instagram from two current Brazilian stars. Simply Anitta and Juliette. The duplicated consonants in the names of all three do not seem to have been the only thing they had in common. Anitta, Juliette and Cabello made more than one record together during the festival.

In a story published by Anitta, Juliette said that she managed to converse in Portuguese with Camila, as she still does not master English. “I understand,” said the former Fifth Harmony member.

Cabello republished Anitta’s story with the caption “my Brazilian sisters”. Meanwhile, Juliette made a post on her Instagram feed: “From those days when you think: if I tell you, no one will believe”, she said in a caption.

Camila Cabello, Anitta and Juliette
Camila Cabello, Anitta and Juliette Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

And speaking of Brazilian icons…

Singer Manu Gavassi became one of the most responsible for spreading the fame of Dua Lipa in Brazil. At “BBB 20”, Gavassi danced a choreography, invented by her, of the song “Don’t start now” at all parties. It was so successful that, in addition to being one of the virtual attractions of the reality show, Dua Lipa herself shared the performance of the brothers on her Twitter account.

And the singer’s connection with Brazil doesn’t stop there… One of the headliners of Rock in Rio, Dua Lipa invited DJ and producer Alok to make a remix version of the single “Physical”, one of the biggest hits of the album “Future Nostalgia”.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa Photo: Playback/Instagram
Alok Photo: Playback/Instagram

In a live, in 2020, to talk about the partnership, she even met Ravi, son of the DJ, and Alok took the opportunity to ask the artist to send a kiss to Bruna Marquezine, her superfan and friend of Manu Gavassi, and she complied. .

After that, Dua followed Bruna. In addition to the actress, the singer “Brazilianized” her networks even more by following Anitta and Pabllo Vittar, who were later praised by her. “I love Brazilian music! I’m a big fan of Anitta. Seeing her spread Brazilian music to the rest of the world is very exciting. I also love everything Pabllo Vittar does”, she said in an interview.

Bruna Marquezine
Bruna Marquezine Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
Anitta Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Pablo Vittar
Pabllo Vittar Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Axl Rose’s relationship with Brazil

And it’s not just pop people who like to have Brazil close by. The leader of the rock band Guns n’ Roses, Axl Rose, lived a romance with the model and presenter Ellen Jabour. The revelation was made by her in 2016 and, according to the report, the two began to relate in 2010, when the group performed at the Palestra Itália stadium, in São Paulo, and lasted two years. According to her, the distance and other reasons led the couple to end their relationship. “It was hard to deal with the distance,” Ellen commented.

Ellen Jabour once had a romance with Axl Rose
Ellen Jabour has already lived a romance with Axl Rose Photo: Reproduction / Instagram
Axl Rose on show
Axl Rose in concert Photo: Playback/Instagram

The rock star also has a connection with singer Alcione. The leader of Guns is a card-carrying fan of the singer. In 2014, Axl Rose tweeted a photo with Alcione during Guns N’ Roses’ passage through Brazil. What few people know is that he was the one who asked for a photo with her. “I was in Recife, when he left the hotel and a Brazilian woman came to say that he wanted to take a picture with me. She said ‘it’s Axl Rose’, I couldn’t believe it and replied: ‘I really want it’. I grabbed him right around the waist , he gave me a hug, called me amazing,” Alcione said.

Alcione and Axl Rose
Alcione and Axl Rose Photo: Playback/Twitter

In 2015, when the band was out of the Rock in Rio lineup, the singer paid tribute to the group’s lead singer with a t-shirt emblazoned with Axl’s face. In the publication, with the garment, Brown said: “Since he didn’t come, I brought him: Axl Rose! I arrived, Rock In Rio!”

Alcione with Axl Rose t-shirt
Alcione with Axl Rose t-shirt Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The rocker took to Twitter to respond to the tribute: “Great to see your photo. Very honored and good to see you doing well! Thank you.” The singer also thanked the vocalist for the comment, and said on Twitter, “I’m so happy and I’m pleased to honor you! I’m glad you liked it! Big kiss!”

Alcione also revealed that she presented Axl Rose with her complete discography, but that was it.

Rock in Rio with Brazilian flavor: gringo artists who could have citizenship
Rock in Rio with Brazilian flavor: gringo artists who could have citizenship Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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