Who is the global love of Renata Vasconcellos that few know

JN anchor Renata Vasconcellos lives love behind the scenes at Globo

Renata Vasconcellos is one of the biggest names in Brazilian journalism. In addition, she is also the leading female journalist in TV Globo. This explains why she became the anchor of Jornal Nacional, the largest in the country.

But, it’s not just his professional life that attracts attention. Your personal life is always a highlight. Today married to the head of journalism at GloboNews, Miguel Athayde, she was once married and has two children from her old relationship. In fact, Renata Vasconcellos is rarely seen with her family.

Husband of Renata Vasconcellos (Photo: Reproduction)

In 2010, she separated from Harold Mac Dowell, with whom she was married for 13 years. From the relationship, the boys Miguel Mac Dowell and Antonio Mac Dowell were born. Due to the discretion that Globo asks its journalists, Renata Vasconcellos never spoke publicly about the end of the relationship.

This also goes for your new relationship. Married to Miguel Athayde, she is also not very open about the relationship. In fact, the only time she spoke publicly about the marriage was in a conversation with Contigo magazine, in 2015.

On the occasion, Renata Vasconcellos detailed that the wedding was simple. “I’m a super reserved person. There was no partying or hype. If there was something big, I would say it,” she explained.

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Renata Vasconcellos and her husband, Miguel Athayde (Photo: André Freitas/Ag News)
Renata and her husband, Miguel Athayde (Photo: André Freitas/Ag News)


Known for maintaining the traditionality of its journalism, the Rede Globo it has some protocols to take over the television news in the house and many people don’t even imagine it. Maju Coutinhofor example, is following a path similar to that of Renata Vasconcellos before taking over the Jornal Nacional definitely.

The change may be positive, but it should only be implemented in years to come, as Renata is well in charge.

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