Argentine Congress repudiates Vice President’s “attempted assassination”

Argentine Congress repudiates Vice President’s “attempted assassination”
Argentine Congress repudiates Vice President’s “attempted assassination”

O The document, modified at the request of the largest opposition front in the country, the conservative Juntos pela Change, approved by parliamentarians at the beginning of the session, expresses the “stronger rejection” of the vice president’s “attempted assassination”.

The declaration ratified in the Chamber of Deputies did not mention the “political violence” or “hate speech” that appeared in the original text.

After the resolution was approved, the parliamentarians of the Republican Proposal (PRO), one of the forces of the opposition front, left the room because they did not want to debate “a message that is not good for society”.

The deputy and president of PRO, Cristián Ritondo, took the floor before leaving with his fellow parliamentarians in the Chamber.

“We do not want this very serious fact to be used with the aim of generating more divisions, gathering the culprits, much less becoming a platform to attack political opposition, justice and the media, as we have unfortunately heard in recent hours.” , said.

The ruling party reached the necessary quorum, with 138 parliamentarians present.

In addition to the Frente de Todos block – the official faction to which the vice president belongs – the deputies of the Radical Civic Union, the Civic Coalition and the remaining members of Juntos pela Change remained on their benches.

In turn, the legislator and president of the Frente de Todos block, Germán Martínez, considered that there are “hate speeches” that are current and point against the vice president.

“I have no doubt that there is hate speech against Cristina Fernández, and it’s not just us, the world discusses hate speech,” Martínez said.

The man, of Brazilian nationality, already detained, pointed a gun at the head of the former president of Argentina and current vice president of the country, last Thursday, and tried to shoot twice, but the gun did not go off.

The detainee refused to give statements before federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, in charge of the investigation, who went to the prison where he is being held.

On the other hand, the Argentine Federal Police searched the detainee’s residence, in the city of San Martín, in Buenos Aires, where they seized 100 nine-millimeter bullets, a cell phone and a ‘laptop’.

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, made a statement to repudiate the attack and declare a holiday on Friday, so that citizens could express themselves against violence in the streets.

The President of Argentino stated that the vice president was the target of an assassination attempt, which only failed because the firearm did not fire.

The man, promptly arrested, “held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger”, the President said on national television.

The detainee, a 35-year-old man of Brazilian nationality, has no criminal record in his country of origin, according to the Argentine Ministry of Security.

The judge responsible for the investigation, María Eugenia Capuchetti, visited the Argentine vice president’s home on Friday to collect her testimony.

Alberto Fernández also visited Cristina Kirchner’s house on Friday, as a gesture of support.

Fernández led a government meeting to examine “the state of social unrest” after the attack and, through a statement, called for the mobilization of all citizens.

Supporters of the vice president have been gathering in the streets around Kirchner’s home since last week, after a prosecutor asked for a 12-year sentence for her in an alleged corruption-related public works case.

Tensions have been rising in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires since the weekend, when supporters of the vice president clashed with police in the streets surrounding her apartment after security forces tried to demobilize the protesters.

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