What is the QUOTA SYSTEM defended by Lula (PT) and who does it benefit?

governed by Law No. 12,711, of 2012O Quota system is strongly defended by the former president and candidate for the elections 2022, Luiz Inácio Lula da SilvaThe. This legislation has the power to reserve places in federal institutions of higher education for students who make up specific groups.

These are usually andpublic school students, blacks, indigenous people and low-income people. In August, the Quota System completes ten years in force, period in which it gathers positive evidence despite the contrary position of the current government headed by Jair Bolsonaro.

According to data from a survey carried out by the Public Policy Monitoring and Evaluation CouncilO Quota system fostered the greatest inclusion in universities in history. In short, there was greater adherence by young blacks and poor in higher education coursesa practice that for years was extremely limited.

The research results contradict the fears of the time when the law of Quota system was instituted. At the time, the allegation was that such a proportion of these groups in higher education institutions could be detrimental to the quality of the study.

The study evaluated the performance of quota holders and non-quota holders by comparing the admission grades through the National High School Exam (Enem) and National Student Performance Exam (Enade).

In this way, we came to the conclusion that, although quota holders normally enter with notes from the And either in 2% to 8% inferior to non-quotas, this starting point does not affect performance at all.

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Understand the Quota System

Candidates who pass the entrance exams and the Unified Selection System (SISU) need to prove that they belong to the group of students who can enter universities through the Quota system. Check each case:

  • Public school student: Candidates must present a transcript and certificate of course completion at the public school in question.
  • Low income: these students must show documents that prove their status, such as a paycheck or parental employment card.
  • Racial quotas: Generally, educational institutions that offer places for racial quotas to Blacks, Browns and Indigenous people have hetero-identification boards / verification and validation committees to analyze case by case.
  • Disabled people: students must present a medical certificate proving their condition. Among the disabilities that fall under the Quota Law, there are physical, hearing, visual and mental disabilities.

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