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A reunion of Belo Horizonte with itself. And the population with the powerful and diverse local artistic production. This is the proposal of the 2022 edition of Virada Cultural, which will occupy several points in the central region of the city this Saturday (3/9), starting at 7 pm, with free activities that will last until Sunday night (4/9).

The main hubs of the program will be Praça da Estação, Parque Municipal, Rua Guaicurus and Rua Aaro Reis, Viaduto Santa Tereza and Praça Sete. The novelty is that in the route between the stages, various actions will be carried out, such as visual arts and furniture exhibitions, interventions, installations, discotheques and artistic performances.

Fernanda Takai, attraction in the Municipal Park, highlights the Day of the Amazon and the defense of Serra do Curral
(photo: Weber Padua/Disclosure)

Music remains the backbone of the Virada, but other activities are highlighted – from recreational sports to projections and sensory installations, including a fashion show, karaok championship, gastronomic tour, dance, theater and popular entertainment.

The stage set up in Praça da Estação, the catalyst for programming in previous editions, was designed, this year, within the context of occupation of that space, with initiatives outside the musical scope.

Eliane Parreiras wants to stimulate the reunion with the city

The Municipal Secretary of Culture of Belo Horizonte, Eliane Parreiras, says that the aim is to stimulate the resumption of the public space at a time when the epidemiological framework already allows the reunion and interaction of people.

“It goes through the experience of living the city more closely, with a sense of belonging, of being able to occupy. Especially the central region, intensifying the enjoyment of the territory in a way that we are not used to on a daily basis. This is the main feature of Virada Cultural 2022”, he points out.

She highlights, in addition to music, urban interventions and actions in the paths between the stages. “There is a strengthening of the heritage aspect, of the discovery of architecture”, she emphasizes. “Virada becomes a multireas festival.”

In the sphere of anchor shows, Eliane Parreiras considers that Clara x Sofia and Lamparina should have more public appeal, tonight, at Praça da Estação; Mac Julia and Paige, on stage at Rua Guaicurus; Fernanda Takai, at Parque Municipal, tomorrow afternoon; and Flvio Renegado inviting Sandra de S, at Praça da Estação, at the closing, Sunday night.

Fernanda Takai highlights the importance of the environmental struggle

With a show scheduled for 5:30 pm on Sunday, as part of the Amazon Day program, Fernanda Takai notes that Serra do Curral is on the agenda for this date, which draws public attention to the environmental issue.

“Being right on stage at the Amaznia Festival gives me happiness and a great responsibility for the role I have as an artist and a citizen. Virada mobilizes a lot of people, an opportunity for us to show the importance of art and culture in people’s lives”, she emphasizes.

The show she takes to Virada is the same as she has been circulating, based on her solo work, but a little more compact. The singer welcomes the fact that this edition focuses on the artistic production of Belo Horizonte.

“Virada shows us how the city has diverse representatives who can offer the public the breadth of styles and emotions that we were really missing sharing live. The date will make it clear that we are survivors, despite such dark times in our country”, he points out.

Flvio Renegado closes the Virada, in Praça da Estação, and promises a lively show alongside Sandra de S (photo: Catavento Cultural/Dissemination)

Renegade receives ‘dola’ Sandra de S

Living in Rio de Janeiro since 2019, Flvio Renegado will take to the stage at Praa da Estao the show he presented at the end of August, commemorating the 10th anniversary of his album “Minha tribo o mundo”.

“The repertoire changes a little to welcome Sandra de S, but, for the rest, the show at Catavento Cultural, also with a tribute to Elza Soares. Only now for a large audience and with this very luxurious participation. We are preparing wonderful numbers,” she says.

About the guest, he says that it is a passion that accompanies him throughout his life. “My mother was always a big fan of Sandra de S. I grew up listening to ‘Colorful eyes’, ‘Play it out’, ‘Bye bye sadness’. I identify with her a lot because of her movement on stage, her interaction with the audience. We’re both restless, so people can prepare because there’s going to be a lot of dancing,” he points out.

Closing the Virada 2022 program is a responsibility and a reason for joy. “I am very happy and honored to headline this wonderful festival. My family will be there, my friends too, the people who enjoy my music. It’s going to be beautiful. I’m going to be the happiest guy in town on Sunday night,” he says.

sitting on the couch
Eliane Parreiras, Municipal Secretary of Culture of BH, highlights Virada 2022 partnerships with parties, festivals and activists in the culture sector (photo: Gladyston Rodrigues/EM/DA Pres)

Secretary Eliane Parreiras emphasizes the focus on partnerships. “We seek to strengthen network operations, bringing together festivals, collectives and even spaces in the city. Recently, the Verbo Gentileza Festival, the Rol Festival and the Savassi Festival worked together. This is a civil society movement, a network that Virada also incorporates,” she says.

Throughout 24 hours, there will be parties and festivals with respective clippings. the case of the Masterplano, @bsurda and Transa! parties; the Azeda, Sonora and BH Stone festivals; of the Day of the Amazon; of the Verb Gentileza and the Rol.

Man plays ball, in the street, surrounded by people in costumes during the game gaymada
The fun Gaymada is back, uniting fun and fighting intolerance
(photo: Gladyston Rodrigues/EM/DA Press/2019)

Social movements are highlighted on the agenda

Paula Senna, who is part of the team of curators at Virada de BH, emphasizes the invitation to enjoy the urban territory, with the requalification of spaces with great daily flow.

“Virada has always been marked by music. The differential of this edition is that it is no longer a priority in favor of the experience with the city, with urban interventions. We will no longer have that big stage, that structure focused on a show, at Praa da Estao”, he informs.

The social movements that over the years have been making use of that space – Praia da Estao and Cia. Toda Deseo, with the Gaymada Interdrag Championship – will be the agents of this reconfiguration, he points out.

Paula highlights the “Virado Gastronmico”, with 26 traditional establishments selling drinks and exclusive menus; fashion show with different bodies in the arches of Viaduto Santa Tereza; and creation of sawdust mats inspired by an African matrix.

Around 1,200 groups and artists from the capital responded to the call from the Municipal Cultural Department – ​​100 were selected for the Virada program.

“Much of what guided the selection was the city’s own public policies, the fact that we are aware of what is happening in all territories of the metropolitan region. We also adopted criteria of gender and race, of diversity, of difference between artists and collectives, in addition to the question of originality, originality and alignment with this idea of ​​occupation”, he emphasizes.


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