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While 40 years ago, we had what became known as the heyday of slasher cinema (with productions of the style being released left and right), five years later the situation was already different in Hollywood cinema. This just goes to show how fast trends change in the world’s biggest cinema mecca. For 36 years, studios, filmmakers, producers and artists in general have sought greater creativity in their projects and were not limited to a repetitive type of film.

Going back 36 years, entertainment cinema included a little bit of everything in the horror genre. Science was a point that spoke loudly, presenting science fiction as a starting point for fear and scares. But we also had room for supernatural elements, hauntings, other dimensions, psychopaths and vampires. Other than that, the slasher also showed up, but modified and smarter, adding humor to its narrative – as we will see below in some items. So get ready, these are the horror movies that turn 36 in 2022. Check it out and don’t forget to comment.

the late Rutger Hauer will forever be remembered for the unforgettable works he did in cinema, such as Roy Batty from Blade Runner (1982). One of the most memorable is the road maniac known only as John Ryder. He is a psychopathic hitchhiker who transforms the life of the young man played by C. Thomas Howell in a real hell after the protagonist has the bad idea of ​​offering him a ride for the company. The film scared many children and teenagers at the time, and was re-shot in 2007.

In art nothing is created and everything is copied. In cinema, of course, the same applies. And here we have the biggest and most brazen “copy” of success Gremlins, from Warner. Adding more terror and less family atmosphere, the title creatures are fugitive aliens who come to Earth, where they strike terror in a farming family and a small rural town, while being hunted by interplanetary beings.

Yes, 36 years ago, movie theaters were already dominated by countless successful movie sequels. And not even the iconic Norman Bates, one of the greatest villains of the seventh art, escaped returning in new sequels. Psychosis (1960), immortal classic by Alfred Hitchcockhad already won its first sequel in 1983, and here the story of the assassin, again lived by Anthony Perkins, reached the third part. Set just a month after the previous one, the story shows Norman falling in love with a nun, which infuriates his “mother”. Perkins also directs the film.

Aliens – The Rescue

We start the list with a movie that was also one of the biggest critical and box office hits of 36 years ago in cinema. Alien – The Eighth Passenger (1979) is still cited as a landmark in science fiction and influential in space monster cinema. Almost ten years later, the director James Cameron accomplished something rare: a sequel that is even better than its original! This time it’s war! AND Sigourney Weaver returned alongside heavily-armed military personnel to fight not one, but a xenomorph-infested planet – plus, of course, the infamous Queen. Unforgettable.

Here we have one more special item on the list. The film is actually a reimagining of the classic The White Head Fly1958 science fiction B-movie. Here, David Cronenberg manages to make one of the few remakes that far surpasses its original. Jeff Goldblum lives a genius and egocentric scientist who creates a teleportation machine. When using himself as a guinea pig, chance comes into play and he ends up mixed with the DNA of a fly, a creature he gradually becomes. The definition of filth has been updated with this movie.

Poltergeist – The Phenomenon (1982) became a box office success, but caused some controversy when the director Tobe Hooper stated that whoever directed the film was actually the producer Steven Spielberg. Either way, they both stayed away from this sequel, but it brought all the Freeling family members back, including little Carol Anne (Heather O’Rourke) for another round against evil spirits in their new home.

A cult film par excellence, this feature undeservedly went unnoticed in theaters, but won many fans in its open TV broadcasts in the 80s/90s. It’s even kind of difficult to describe the story, which mixes a little bit of everything, being a full plate for those who enjoy horror, adventure, romance, suspense and comedy. We have alien slugs possessing the bodies of college kids, turning them into zombies. At the same time, a veteran police officer is tormented by a psychopath from the past. Guaranteed fun.

Another cult and underrated film, this feature subverts what was being done within the slasher films in a totally unusual and fun way. A group of friends plan a weekend at one of their friends’ beach house on a remote island. There, the hostess prepared a weekend full of pranks and pranks, with the promise of good laughs. But what happens when these pranks start to get more and more serious, until they result in some deaths.

Friday the 13th: Part 6 – Jason Vive

Throughout the 1980s, the franchise Friday 13 reigned, claiming his place in the heap of slasher movies. 36 years ago, the series reached its sixth film. How Jason had died for good in the fourth movie (called Final chapter) and fans didn’t really like what was done with the fifth, the solution was to raise the maniac from the grave in this sixth feature. Besides that, Jason Vive is the one that most plays with the genre, adding self-referential humor to its narrative. That’s why it’s become a fan favorite.

Directed by Wes Craven this is a film that scared young people at the time, but it has aged poorly and it only takes a second look today to realize that it will cause more laughter than fear. The plot talks about domestic abuse, when an alcoholic father ends up killing his own daughter, the blonde Samantha (Kristy Swanson). A boy in love with her brings her back in the form of a murderous robot girl.

Another one that marked an epoch in its exhibitions on open TV in the early 90’s. Here, a young man is bullied in high school and his only escape valve is the rock singer of whom he is a fan and loves to listen to his songs as an escape from reality. When the rocker dies, he is devastated. But the musician returns from the beyond as a haunting and decides to take revenge on the bullies for the fan.

Vamp – The Movie

The decoy here is the presence of the muse of the 80s, the black model Grace Jones, who plays a bloodthirsty vampire among college kids in search of strippers for her friends. The film has a similar plot and may have served as inspiration for A drink in hell. in the cast, Dedee Pfeifferyounger sister of Michelle Pfeiffer.

After the success of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), one of the “fathers” of American slasher cinema, the Cannon Films studio wanted to replicate such success now in their company, so they hired the same director Tobe Hooper to develop the sequel. The filmmaker, however, didn’t want to repeat himself, and created a second part that looks more like an acid trip set in Twin Peaks.

Link – The Killer Animal

Speaking of famous actresses from the 80s, here we have none other than Elisabeth Shuetwo years after Karate Kid. Here we have a copy of a killer animal movie. Shue plays a young assistant to a scientist (Terence Stamp) who experiments with monkeys. Both end up becoming the animals’ target when they get out of control.

Another gem from the 80s, with a highly absurd plot and that’s exactly why we love it. In a luxury mall (it was their heyday), the security of the place tests a revolutionary new system: robots guided by artificial intelligence to take care of the establishment at night. A group of cute employees decide to sleep in the place and have a party. They end up being targeted by the killer robots.

The director Tobe Hooper established a lasting partnership with Cannon Films during the 1980s. In the same year he released The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with the studio, it also got the green light for a new movie about extraterrestrials arriving on Earth, with not very good intentions.

Speaking of runaway machines, hunting and killing humans, here we have a story like that out of the mind of none other than Stephen King. And not only that, this time the author decided to get his hands dirty, directing the film himself. In the plot, a comet passes through Earth and gives life to all machines on the planet, whether cars, refrigerators or electric knives. And soon, the humans led by Emilio Estevez become the target of this rebellion.

The director Stuart Gordon became the name in cinema when we think about adaptations by the author HP Lovecraft in the 1980s. By 1985, he had commanded Re-Animator: Hour of the Living Dead. And the very next year he delivered this From beyondagain approaching scientists playing God and generating dire and supernatural consequences in their experiments.

Demons 2 – They’re Back

We now have an Italian horror on the list – a genre that the country is also an expert in. Presented, written and produced by the master Dario Argento, Demons – Children of Darkness (1985) showed a curse occurring during the screening of a mystery film in a cinema, turning unsuspecting spectators into demonic zombies. The sequel was released the following year, again with Argent in such roles, and moving the plot to a large residential building.

Speaking of the director Stuart Gordon, the 1980s were truly his golden age in cinema. Here the filmmaker released yet another film in the same year, this one without a story of lovecraft. Here, Gordon turned to mortal dolls. In the plot, a family in the midst of a storm is forced to seek shelter in a house. The site is the home of a doll maker. There, they will come across supernatural forces that give life to small objects.

Troll – The World of Wonder

Like this Jennifer Anistonstar of friendsstarted his career with the “rough” horror the elf (1993), another famous TV actress had followed the same path before. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was immortalized by the role of Elaine in Seinfeld, before moving on to other famous series. Here, she started her career in a horror movie that talks about magical creatures like goblins and witches, living in a San Francisco building.

Another cult par excellence, this film mixes two elements that arrived in full force in the 80s. First, on the technical side, the decade brought us jaw-dropping practical effects, which are much better than the visual effects of computers – quickly dated. Second, it was the advent of satellite TV, which is the motto for the plot. A family is all happy with their new antenna – however, the system starts to pick up something other than the channels and opens a portal to another dimension.

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