Rejected by women, Bolsonaro wants to convince him that he is the victim

Rejected by women, Bolsonaro wants to convince him that he is the victim
Rejected by women, Bolsonaro wants to convince him that he is the victim

With a high rejection rate among voters and the difficulty of abandoning sexist behavior, Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has a new strategy: he claimed twice in less than a week that women are defended from offenses he makes because they are women and not for being correct.

This Friday (2), the president said on social media that “when you use the biological condition as a shield to be disrespectful and shield yourself from a suitable response, equality gives way to opportunism”. The fact occurs after attacks he made to the lawyer Gabriela Prioli.

The statement has the same meaning as the answer he gave to Senator Simone Tebet (MDB), in the presidential debate last Sunday, when she asked a question about his behavior with women after the misogynist attack he launched against journalist Vera Magalhães.

“It doesn’t stick anymore. It doesn’t stick it anymore. If a woman does something wrong, she has to answer for it. And not be defended just because she is a woman. Enough of victimism. We are all the same”, he said. “Stop this mania. She does politics, she talks serious. She doesn’t stay here playing mimimi.”

Bolsonaro responding to his sexist attacks calling for gender equality is, to say the least, surreal. But this, as always, has method.

The repetition of this idea in two contexts that involved attacks on women provides a justification to be used and shared by his followers when he is accused of machismo.

In social networks and groups of Bolsonar messaging apps, this process is already happening.

The column had access to content that refutes the complaints about the president’s attacks in the last week, stating that this is the result of “PT parrots slaves of women”, that “nobody listens to what these PT women said, they just repeat the attacks on the captain out of fear of being called sexist” and “those who can’t stand the game shouldn’t go down to play”.

At the same time, it reinforces that the president has undergone training to respond to the accusations and is making use of it. In particular, I believe that a professional who ignores the minimum of common sense and accepts to work with his client on a justification like this should rethink his own career a little.

Bolsonaro’s rejection among women fluctuated from 53% to 55% on Datafolha

The president stated in the debate on Sunday (28): “I’m sure, a large part of the women of Brazil love me”. His total number of voters is not negligible, but most women reject him, according to polls.

The preference for Jair Bolsonaro among women fluctuated from 28% to 29% and rejection, from 53% to 55%, that is, within the margin of error, in the last two weeks, according to Datafolha released this Thursday (1).

Between one poll and another, the president was accused of being sexist in the debate and the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, appeared intensively in radio and TV advertising to try to reverse the damage caused.

In the rejection of the female electorate, he registers 20 points more than his main opponent, Lula – who went from 34% to 35% among those who would not vote for him at all.

These numbers help explain why the president’s voting intention remained at 32%, considering the electorate in general. His main opponent, Lula (PT), went from 47% to 48% of votes among women. Overall, it fluctuated from 47% to 45%, within the two-point margin of error.

Target of Bolsonaro’s machismo at the event sponsored by UOL, Folha, Band and TV Cultura, Tebet rose from 2% to 6% among women. Overall, it went from 2% to 5%, while Ciro Gomes went from 7% to 9% – both were considered the best in the debate.

Poor women suffered from high inflation and falling incomes under Bolsonaro

Qualitative research by Datafolha, organized during the debate to measure the mood of voters, pointed out that undecided, unconvinced and willing to vote blank had already been dissatisfied with Bolsonaro’s machismo.

Such behavior may excite his captive constituency, but alienate people he needs to win the election. And this is almost a center mantra in the president’s ear. His most radical campaign group believes he can attract these voters through the impact of Auxílio Brasil, which has not yet come, and through the promotion of antipetismo.

Bolsonaro’s campaign spent the week trying to fix the damage by reinforcing the first lady in radio and TV election hours. She, who was already being cast to convince voters that her husband “likes women”, started working double.

A TV insertion in which Michelle talks to the “sertanejo woman” was the target of a representation for ignoring the rules of electoral propaganda. In it, she praises the project to transpose the waters of the São Francisco River, saying that it is a “gift” for them. The work, played in the Lula, Dilma, Temer and Bolsonaro governments, it is worth mentioning, is not a present, but an old promise.

The advertisement was aimed at the poorest women, most of whom do not follow the debate on machismo.

The impacts of the economic crisis were felt more among women (especially black women) than among men, according to the IBGE’s Synthesis of Social Indicators. Not only because they have been hit hard by inflation, unemployment and falling incomes, but also because many of them are responsible for the well-being of their families.

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