Radical weekend with the 1st Ouro Fino Fastvelocross

1st Ouro Fino Fastvelocross. (Image: Disclosure)

An event open to the public takes place this Saturday (03) and Sunday (04) at Gargatá, it is the First Fastvelocross of Ouro Fino, a fast motorcycle race on a track installed in the place where the new subdivision will be built in that neighborhood in the future. .

According to organizer Erick Silvério de Godoy, this weekend’s competition is a preparation for a main event, a motocross race, which will be held on September 17th and 18th this year. He likens this weekend’s event to the “garlic burning” at rodeo parties, that is, a preliminary party that precedes the most important one. Erick also explains the difference between fastvelocross and motocross. Although both modalities are played on dirt tracks, this weekend’s are faster as the track does not have ramps, as in a motocross race.

This Saturday there will be track recognition training sessions from 2pm to 5pm. On Sunday training starts at 10:30 am and from 12 pm the competitions themselves.

According to the organizer, more than a hundred riders have signed up, many of them will come from other cities, with families and teams, which for Erick will bring profit to hostels, restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, in addition to promoting tourism in Ouro Thin. He also explains that the event has the full support of the Ouro Fino City Hall, which provided machinery for the track to be built.

Erick Silvério de Godoy is from Ouro Fino and has been working for 18 years doing fastvelocross and motocross events. Until half of this year he worked at FMEMG (Federacao de Motociclismo do Estado de Minas Gerais) and between 2019 and 2020 he also worked at CBM (Confederação Brasileira de Motociclismo), working on the construction of tracks and organizing events like this weekend. and on the 17th and 18th of September.

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