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Flying screen and projections accentuate the intimacy of the monologue “Worst of me”, written and performed by actress Mait Proena
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“Mait, tell Catarina!” The meme that went viral when Mait Proena’s connection failed during a live with socialite Narcisa Tamborindeguy was not the only participation of the actress on the internet during the pandemic. On the contrary. Mait developed and presented the monologue “Worst of me”, which, after going through the online and hybrid formats, lands in BH with its 100% face-to-face version.

The transition from online to face-to-face required rehearsals with director Rodrigo Portella, directly from Barcelona. And there were changes on stage. The flight screen receives live-recorded projections, which replace the cell phone camera with which Mait interacted in the online version.

Keeping the camera ended up being an imposition of the digital format, but in a way that made sense in the face-to-face show. The operator is an actor with whom Mait interacts throughout the play.

“He’s silent, but he’s on stage interacting with me. It has a visual richness now”, says Mait, who will present “Worst of me” this Saturday (3/9) at the theater of Centro Cultural Unimed-BH.

“People don’t like us because we’re wonderful, people like us for our weaknesses”

Mait Proena, actress and writer

With her stories, she wants to stimulate reflection. “I don’t tell stories so they’ll know about me. My life doesn’t matter, I never wanted to talk about my life. I’ve always tried to keep my intimacy, but one day, on a Sunday afternoon TV show, part of my hidden history was brought to the public. From then on, I was forced to give my verse”, she says.

“I went to the place we all have, the place of all that is hidden. Everyone has this hidden place. You make personas for public use, you think it will please you more if you show yourself in a certain way”, he comments.

“It’s a silly thing we do when we’re younger, because you want to seduce the world. It’s just that we don’t know anything about the world. People don’t like us because we’re wonderful, people like us because of our weaknesses.”

Defeat brings people together

According to her, identification between people occurs through frustrations, failures, mistakes, insecurities and weaknesses. “In defeat we identify with”, she sentences.

The montage, however, only wins. Mait Proena was nominated for the Cesgranrio Award for best text. In 2020, the digital version was among the best of the modality in the selection made by the newspaper O Globo and the portal Observatório do Teatro.

In these times when social media influencers pose as perfect people, Mait Proena shows the hidden side of the human being. According to her, ignoring this facet is an unhealthy process. “These are diseases that make you perform all the time outside, without getting in real contact with who you are, because neither you like yourself, nor do you accept yourself. You lie to you. From so much interpreting the imagination of others, we sometimes become that person”, she says.

For this reason people get sick, cling to medicine, suffer from anxiety. “Performing 24 hours a day has a very high cost. If you do the opposite, you meet yourself”, she believes.

The piece is an interior dive shared with the public. Every now and then, the actress posts videos of the eufrican audience at the end of the show. There is a glimmer of deliverance there. Mait Proena credits much of the current psychological fragility of people to tragedies such as the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The piece would be a kind of “ointment” to alleviate suffering.

The miners and Mait

The book that resulted from the show has a cover designed by the Belo Horizonte stylist Ronaldo Fraga. Rodrigo Portella, the director, also from Minas.

“Rodrigo from the young generation of directors. the best of them, the most awarded. Very Minas Gerais, he talks the way you do, this little thing makes you want to rest”, he jokes. “And I made Dona Beija, right? She was from Arax and later will live in Contagem, so I visited Minas a lot because of the revolution that was the soap opera. It was a ravishing business in Brazil. We had 42 ratings at a time when people needed to get up off the couch, go to the TV and take it away from Globo”, she says.

After BH, Mait started the São Paulo season of “Pior de mim”. “We chose hand-picked places to do a little bit before So Paulo,” she says. “I like the kind of mysterious thing about the miner. When you’re talking to a miner, you know there’s something else, that he’s not handing over the gold. You go to Bahia, it seems the guy delivers the gold fast. In Rio de Janeiro too. But in Minas, you know better. The miner will only give you if you deserve it. The public is also like that”, he guarantees.

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Text and acting: Mait Proena. Directed by: Rodrigo Portella. Unimed BH-Minas Cultural Center. Rua da Bahia, 2244, Lourdes. This Saturday (3/9), at 8 pm. Full-time: R$100 and R$120. Half-price as required by law. Tickets for sale at the theater box office and on the Eventim website

(photo: Act/Play)


• From Mait Proena

• Agir Publisher

• 272 pages

• BRL 40.90

The article is in Portuguese

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