Friends mourn the death of a student hit by a car: “It was the best”

Friends mourn the death of a student hit by a car: “It was the best”
Friends mourn the death of a student hit by a car: “It was the best”

Friends and family members of Veterinary Medicine student Frederico Albuquerque Siqueira Corrêa da Costa, 21, used social media to mourn the boy’s early death. He was a student in the 6th period of the course at the University of Cuiabá (Unic).

Frederico was run over during the early hours of Friday (2), around 1:40 am, near the Mega distributor, located in Bairro Grande Terceiro, on Avenida Beira Rio.

“I want to remember you like this, always smiling. You have no idea of ​​the pain I’m feeling, you were the best,” said a friend, sharing a photo of him with the boy and a group of friends.

In another post, he shares a video of Frederico jumping over a waterfall. “You made me lose my fear of jumping in a river, of riding a horse, you taught me a lot. I love you and I have no idea what I’m going to do without you.”

A family friend also used her hammocks to honor the boy, who affectionately calls Fred.

Playback / Instagram

Tribute made by a friend to Frederico on social networks

“We love you so much! will always be remembered with that beautiful smile cheering everyone wherever he went. We will be here giving strength to my beloved compadres Laura and Glauco”, he said.

Frederico is from a traditional Cuiaban family, son of veterinarian Glauco Corrêa da Costa and Laura Albuquerque.

“Heaven is celebrating, because today God welcomes you with open doors. But around here you miss it and many good memories”, said a cousin of the boy.

“May you always be remembered for the joy you carried with you and for your loyalty to those you loved,” she added.

The Academic Athletic Association of Veterinary Medicine published a note mourning the loss and solidarity with the family.

Other friends and classmates shared the image and also mourned the loss.

the hit-and-run

According to the Civil Police, the young man’s body was found next to a parked vehicle. He was already lifeless when the rescue arrived.

Witnesses said a man in a white Honda City ran over Frederico as he left the scene. The driver did not stop to help.

While the Police were attending to the incident, Ciosp received a call from the owner of the vehicle, who asked if the car had been involved in an accident on Avenida Beira Rio.

The man claimed to have lent the car to a friend and to have received it back “all crumpled”.

After that, Ciosp received another call, this time informing that on Rua Teles Pires, in the Dom Aquino neighborhood, there was a bumper of a Honda City, with the same license plate as the one pointed out by the witnesses of the accident.

Investigators removed the bumper and compared it with the remains of the accident site, noting that it was the same car.

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