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Record holds urgent meeting after official list of A Fazenda 14 leaks

Record’s top management held a meeting in a hurry after leaking the list with the participants of A Fazenda 14

Those who follow the news about the world of the famous must know that in recent days, a supposed list with the names of the participants who will be in The Farm 14. According to information from Fábia Oliveira, from the Em Off portal, the list is really the official one and ended up generating a big headache.

That’s because the directors decided to carry out a witch hunt to find out who was responsible for leaking the information that should be exclusive. To have a small dimension, the list that leaked has 24 names and may have been released by an employee who will provide service to Record while A Fazenda 14 is on the air.

It turns out that some sectors usually receive the list in advance. The broadcaster usually sends first to the clothing sector. The listing is also sent in advance to drivers who pick up A Fazenda 14 participants to take them to the confinement. However, the biggest suspicion revolves around another sector.

The broadcaster believes that the most likely is that the list was leaked by an employee of the clinic who performs the medical exams. In the midst of all this fuss, the advisors of the participants who are in A Fazenda 14, would be making an alliance, precisely, to prevent their protégés from being in the first field of the Record program.

The list of participants of A Fazenda 14 was leaked (Photo: Reproduction)


The 24 names that were leaked that could participate in A Fazenda 14: Vinícius Bettel, Tiago Ramos, Thomaz Costa, Tati Zaqui, Rosiane Pinheiro, Pétala Barreiros, Lucas Douglas Santos, Kerline Cardoso, Iran Malfitano, Ingrid Ohara, Hojjatollah Haghbinghomi, Glauciane Guimarães de Castro, Deolane Bezerra, Deborah Albuquerque, Ellen Cardoso (Moranguinho), Sérgio Rodrigo Campos Costa, Suziaine Martins de Queiroz, Alex Sandre Sa Gallete, Bárbara Borges, Maurício Augusto Lorenço, Claudia Castanheira (Baronesa), André Clarindo dos Santos, Bruno Tálamo and André Marino.

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